Tips on How to Start Your Day Off Right, With A Smile

At times, we will find that it is hard to wake up in the morning and start the day. Especially after taking a long vacation or an enjoyable weekend, you just feel it’s not enough and you are not ready to continue with your daily routine. Monday blues, having a mood swing or simply waking up from the wrong side of the bed, defenestrate all that! You can have a great day everyday, provided that you start it off right.  Here are some interesting tips for you in order to have a promising brighter day.

Talk to your loved ones

What is more meaningful than talking to someone you love the moment you start your day? Give them a call. Ask on how they’re doing, listen to them and catch up. It will warm your heart, boost your mood and you’ll get the good vibes plus the bright smile.

Check your planner

Familiarize yourself on what to expect each day and arrange your time ahead.  If you have a tonne of work to be completed, no worries. Just consider the tasks as your daily challenge. Attend to the most difficult task first while you are still fresh and high-spirited.


Take some time before work to go for a run or hit the gym. Sweat yourself. See yourself glow. Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals. So, it will not only make you happier but also helps you to think better by improving your memory and boost the decision making skill. Wear your sportswear and burn off those calories.


Don’t forget your breakfast. We don’t want your stomach to keep you from performing at the top of your game. Have something to keep you full and energetic. However, be wise. Choose a healthy breakfast, not the one that will make you feel bloated or worst, sleepy all day long.

Coffee or tea

Have a cup of Joe or tea (if you are not a coffee person) of your preference at the beginning of your day.  Try a cup of a strong black coffee or mint tea if you want to stay alert. Or else, opt for something relaxing like chamomile tea to sooth you.

Listen to your favourite tune

Grab your headphones. If you’re alone by yourself, turn on your speaker. Listen to your jam! Sing along (if you need to) as good music would cheer you up. You should also try listening to some light music while doing your work. It will help you to relax and able to focus more.

Put on your favourite fragrance

Start your day with a hint of scent that makes you feel best. Fragrance will brighten your mood up. For instance, a citrus smell will awaken your senses, relieve stress and improve your mood. Something lavender on the other hand is good to calm you down. Alternatively, use a diffuser with a few drops of essential oils in your space. You’ll be ready for the day ahead.

Random act of kindness

Make it a point to yourself (or rather I say, you should challenge yourself) to at least do one act of kindness every morning.  Opening the door, holding the elevator for someone or buying your colleagues some treats to munch during break. Even by smiling or exchange greetings with a stranger will make you feel good. What could ruin your day, then?

Well, the choice is yours! Start your brand new day with a broad smile. Always feel great about yourself, boost your confidence and you are on the way committing to a cheerful, stress-free yet a productive day.  What do you do first thing in the morning to make sure you start your day on a positive note?  Share it in the comment below.