Top Deal Breakers on the First Date

No one can deny that getting ready for the first date with someone you might have a crush on is something so exciting. Some even love going for blind dates to challenge themselves while others are set up by friends. However, as fun as it is to buy a new dress and getting dolled up, there are some top deal breakers that will just turn you off for the entire day. Check them out below.

1.     Checking their phone constantly

This is a very annoying habit if your date keeps doing it on the date. It just shows that they are not into you and perhaps have something better to do. Not only that, they probably are having another conversation with someone else via text and this move just shows that the person is very disrespectful. You will want someone to pay attention to you and get to know you more rather than acting like they are just not interested. 


2.     Fashion Downer

This may be overwhelming especially when you haven’t been on a date for quite some time but dressing as if you just woke up or lack effort will probably make you appear like you are not taking the date seriously. Do not overdress but make sure to not be under dress too. The safe bet is to wear something smart casual for the men and ladies can go for lace dresses.


3.     Bad odour

Since it is a first date, you will definitely be turned off if your date has bad breath or a bad odour. Deodorant and perfume is your best friend. However, do take precaution to not wear a scent which smells too pungent.


4.     Boring conversation

Okay, if you are nervous or have been out of the dating scene for some time, it can be understood that you do not know how to carry a conversation. The tip is to be your own self. If your date likes you for you, you are definitely going to ace the whole day. Do not try to be someone else and be comfortable. Try to listen when your date talks and share your own stories too.


So have you had terrible first dates in the past? Share your experience as we would love to hear them.