Up Close & Personal with Shikin— An Asia’s Next Top Model Special

If you’ve been watching Asia’s Next Top Model’s Cycle 5, you would definitely know Shikin who is one of  the Malaysian model in the season. Portraying her confidence and positive driven attitude, her features are also amazing giving her that poised demeanour.

She proved to be one of the strong competitors in this season's cycle and won one of the challenges. Intrigue to know a little more about this amazing lady, let's check out some of the quick questions we managed to ask her down below.

1. What is your style philosophy?

Something that makes me feel confident and comfortable.


2. Briefly describe your go-to look for work and play respectively.

I would wear something easy to change into for work, like a pair of denim skirt to match a cute crop top, or just a dress or playsuit.


3. Sneakers or heels?




4. Who are your style icons?

Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid.


5. What's your favourite piece you often wear from your closet?

I think I have overused statement t-shirts for the longest time ever.


6. What is one wardrobe staple you always turn to when in doubt and how do you style it?

A classic black jumpsuit. Pair it with a belt, some earrings, a sexy pair of heels, and you’re ready to go!


7. What is one evergreen trend that will always remain in vogue?

Jumpsuits, for sure!


8. What is one social media platform you can’t go one day without checking?



9. Who is your favourite supermodel of all time?



10. Where is your hangout off-duty (not restricted to country)?

Anywhere that has a beach; most preferably on an island.


Are you a fan? Follow her journey and check out her Instagram for more updates.