What Makes Hari Raya Special

When it comes to Hari Raya Aidilfitri, it is safe to say that everyone looks forward to the food! Celebrating it in Malaysia means that you'll be feasted with an array of dishes from the customary rendang to the must have lemang. And let’s not start talking about open houses since that’s another food haven during the whole month of Raya and the reason your baju raya might be a little tight here and there.

Above all else, let us not forget the most important part of it all. The people.  Family and friends who you get to meet since Hari Raya brings everyone together.  People come together not just through the food eaten or even potluck meals, but because the spirit of Raya just magically binds the far away ones closer, ignites memories of cherished times spent in previous Raya celebrations or simply just makes you remember the names of all those nieces and nephews you have.

It also makes you appreciate a lot of things. Not just the extended family you have, but if you’re willing to go beyond, it can open your heart to the unfortunate ones who have less than you. The culture of giving is magnified during raya and even before that during Ramadhan. Many people grab the opportunity to give and find joy in such acts as they realize how lucky they are that they can help others in need. Clearly the season of Raya gives us rewards either physically or spiritually.

So, let us not just wait for raya to get to know a relative, visit a friend or to extend a generous hand and give to the less fortunate. Let us try and remember them on more than just certain occasions and keep the spirit of Raya alive in our hearts every single day.

How did you celebrate your Raya this year? How many open houses did you attend? Share it down below.