5 Apps for Nerdy Guys & Gals

Remember how our parents would always push us to study? As it turns out, education doesn’t just enrich our lives, it’s good for our health too! Recent studies have shown that education can help cut down the risk of dementia by a whopping near 10%.

That’s quite a number, isn’t it?

So all the more reason to continue learning even after throwing that graduation hat up in the air. If lack of time is an issue for you, then these nifty mobile apps will help slip in nuggets of wisdom during your break time.

Photo credit:  Curiosity

Photo credit: Curiosity

1.      Curiosity

Get smarter everyday with Curiosity, an app that feeds you articles covering various topics on a daily basis. These subjects can range from environmental science to travel to plants and animals to astronomy. Pretty cool, huh? 

Now, before you groan aloud, rest assured that the creators of this app took our time -and coughtiny attention spanscough- into consideration. Therefore, the articles are delivered in bite-sized pieces, with laid-back, playful and most importantly, easy-to-understand writing. For those of us who aren’t as science savvy as some, huzzah!

It won’t be long until you have some interesting conversation starters to play around with. Go out wearing the perfect casual clothing on with your friends and talk about the amazing topics you obtained.

Photo credit:  Self Control for Study

2.      Self Control for Study

There is nothing more distracting than the lure of social media and other programs in the form of apps. This is especially true when you have work to do or some studying to get to.

If you can’t afford to have your time whisked away by such time-wasters, then Self Control for Study is your to-go buddy to call. What this app does is place those distracting apps on lockdown until you’re done being a responsible adult.

Think of it as a strict parental figure, guarding a delicious jar of cookies until you’re done.

Photo credit:  AnkiDroid

Photo credit: AnkiDroid

3.      AnkiDroid

Cursed with a horrendous memory? Have a huge exam coming up, but your memory is holding you back? Then look no further than AnkiDroid!

AnkiDroid is a flashcard system that employs the concept of “spaced repetition”. While this does not sound all that impressive, this app packs a punch. So much so that it enjoys popularity among those who are studying factually dense subjects, languages and for those who just love to learn, anything that catches their eye.

So what exactly is so special about this app? The secret lies in its sheer simplicity. While most would scoff at the idea of using a flashcard system, the thing that makes AnkiDroid so effective is the way the cards are displayed. After each card that is presented, the user is given the option of ranking the information displayed by order of difficulty to memorise it. The easier it is, the bigger the gap between each time the card is shown. For example, the card will gradually shift from appearing once every few days, to once a week, to once every few weeks, etc.

If it is difficult to memorise, however, said card will appear repeatedly –perhaps daily- until it is perfectly hammered into your brain.

And because of how easy it is to go through multiple cards in a day, you can mow through dozens without breaking a sweat. Before you know it, you’ve already memorised a bunch of facts you didn’t know you could.

Photo credit:  Memrise

Photo credit: Memrise

4.      Memrise

With globalisation on the rise, it has become all the more important to pick up a new language or two to strive in an increasingly competitive job market. That being said, learning a new language is an investment. It takes a lot of time and patience, and certainly a lot of practice.

So what does one do when they’re low on time and need to squeeze some daily learnin’ into their day? Memrise is a darned good bet, because not only does it deliver its information in small, digestible pieces, it provides audio recordings as well. All the better for getting your pronunciation down pat.

That aside, it also offers revision exercises, both timed and untimed, and new words to learn every day.

Languages available on Memrise include and are not limited to Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Norwegian, German, Russian, Danish, Swedish and French.

Photo credit:  HelloTalk

Photo credit: HelloTalk

5.      HelloTalk

Once you’re armed and ready to take your newfound language skills to the next level, why not consider partaking in a language exchange program?

In need of some clarification? Alright, sit back and pay attention.

For those of you who are struggling to find native speakers of the language you’re learning (and especially lack the funds to travel to their country), HelloTalk is right up your alley. What it does is essentially give you access to those much coveted native speakers, for the sheer purpose of practicing your language skills on them through conversation. This can be done via text, audio calls, video calls and audio messages. So long as you limit it to one language, the entire experience is completely free.

And who knows, you might just make a new friend out of it!

The only catch? You’d have to teach them a language in return. Hence the term “language exchange”.

Well, that’s about it. Are you interested in trying out any of these apps? Let me know in the Comments section below!