5 Hacks to Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

We spent hundreds on our fragrances, only to find out the scent fades as we go about our day. These amazing hacks will save you and make you smell good as long as possible. So here are some hacks that you can do in order to make your fragrance scent last longer throughout the day. Check it down below.

Apply on your pulse points

Whether you’re using a roll on perfume or spray bottle, always apply your fragrance on your pulse points. These points are the warm points of your body that will help to diffuse the scent throughout your entire body. Your pulse points would be at:

·         Wrists

·         Neck

·         Behind the ears

·         Behind the knees

·         Inside of the elbows

·         Below the midriff

·         Ankles

·         Calves


Add petroleum jelly

ACCA KAPA Giardino Segreto Eau De Parfum For Her,                                         Zalora

ACCA KAPA Giardino Segreto Eau De Parfum For Her,                                         Zalora

Not inside your perfume! Simply rub a little bit of petroleum jelly onto your pulse points and then spray your perfume on. The petroleum jelly is supposed to hold your fragrance on your skin a little better and longer.



             A'kin Unscented Body Moisturiser, Zalora

             A'kin Unscented Body Moisturiser, Zalora

Fragrance scent seem to fade faster on dry skin, so use unscented moisturizer on your body after a shower to help retain your perfume better throughout the day. Not only that, moisturizing keeps your skin smooth and supple as well. 


Store in Dry Area

Just like our skincare and makeup, perfumes should not be stored in our bathrooms because the humidity will cause weakening and break down the particles  of perfumes. Store it in dry place at room temperature for the best way to hold the scent elements.


Never rub the wrists

Typically in movies we would see the actors rubbing their wrists together after putting on perfume, right? Don’t do it! The rubbing will cause the top notes of your fragrance to fade faster hence the scent won’t be able to last long on you, so just let them dry naturally.


What is your favourite perfume that represents your personality? Share with us why you love it in the comment section below.