5 Simple Steps to Do Your Own Facial Routine at Home

While being tired coming back from work, one thing that can help us feel fresh is by doing a nice facial routine at home. With this method it can help you feel relax and rejuvenates your skin. Here are some simple steps that you can have that spa facial routine experience at home.

1.     Make up remover

Make up remover is one of the important tools that you guys need to own. It not only help you remover your make up easily but also reduces acne, blackhead and whitehead from your face. Make up remover is also important for those who do not use makeup as well. It can act as a solution to remove any oil, excess dirt or any cream on the face. Besides that, it helps the stimulate skin renewal through the removal of the dead skin cells as makeup remover can also act as a quick cleanser.


2.     Facial Cleanser

After removing those excess dirt and makeup using a makeup remover, it is time to wash your face with your preferred facial cleanser. You can use any cleanser that is suitable with your face. Before purchasing any facial cleanser, please make sure you know your skin type very well. Whether you have oily skin, dry, sensitive skin or neutral skin, buying wrong products can have a negative effect to your face.


3.     Exfoliate and Steam Your Face

After washing your face, exfoliating your face with a scrub that you can get online on any offline drugstore. If you prefer a homemade way (1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon honey, one teaspoon milk), mix the ingredients together then apply it in a circular motion onto your face. After exfoliating your face, steam your face with warm water.


4. Mask

After applying the three steps mentioned above, a face mask is a nice way to make your face feel fresh. Whether you buy a facial mask at drugstore or making your own, take a few minutes and lie down to experience the relaxing routine.


5. Moisturizer and Toner

Lastly, end your sweet facial routine off with toner and moisturizer. It helps make you feel clean, fresh and confident to lead your day. It cleanse out your pores while making your skin feel smooth and supple.

So what is your beauty routine to maintain your skin? Please feel free in the comment section below.