5 Ways Being Selfish is Good for You

Most of the time, people will tell us to always put someone else first. 

But what is wrong with putting ourselves first in certain things in life? We are our own assets and furthermore, if we don't value ourselves, how are others going to value us?

Number One Hygiene, Hygiene, HYGIENE!


'Either smell good or do not smell at all' Now, this is a mantra we all must remember. There were too many times that we regret our decision arriving late to the office or being in a packed train because we would smell the 'unwanted extra fragrances' around us. As we live in a hot and humid region, smell tends to linger so yes whenever possible, take a good bath and scrub ourselves clean. Perfumes are not mandatory but going without deodorants without good reason is a big no-no.  

Number Two Dress to impress ourselves


Someone who looked as if they just got out of bed and decide to walk around may be cute at first but the effect wears off pretty quick. Put on a clean shirt and walk out with confidence. If wearing makeup is not your thing, it is fine but look presentable. Stand in front of the mirror and evaluate yourself,' if I see me outside like this, will I want to say hi to the person?' The first person who must ‘buy’ our look is us.

 The clothes do not have to be expensive as long as it is comfortable and shows off your personality. Be it anywhere you go, looking presentable makes a difference to ourselves or people around us. Even if we think that it does not really matter to look presentable, think again. Looking good may bring out the confidence in us. And remember, confidence is sexy. So be selfish in putting your best look!

Number Three Indulge


If you had an extremely rough week due to extra work, make sure to give yourself some reward. Whether a trip to the spa, shopping for new clothes or having a cheat day on your diet, take note that there is nothing wrong in rewarding your own self.

Number Four Improve Ourselves

Learn a new skill. Take up the Defensive Driving course if we must. Read a book on communication skills. Improving ourselves does not necessarily mean we have to do something different like taking up a diving license (although that is a good idea). Be better at what we already know. If we are into fashion, keep up with the latest fashion and share it with our friends. That is another topic up for discussion and can help us be a better communicator.

If we are up for new challenges, try new things. Take up a new language. The Internet is an extremely powerful tool. We can enrol to a language school and then practise with applications like Duolingo and Memrise. It sounds difficult but if our body needs exercise, our brains do too.

Take up a new hobby. Sign up for that wall climbing class. Upgrade from yoga to flying yoga. Just be better.

Travel to see another place. Traveling does not mean we have to go to the depths of Mexico. Going from one state to another is more than enough. Learn about the new culture there. I believe there are things that I can learn from people living in another state of Malaysia itself. And remember, roadtrips mean traveling too. So do not limit ourselves and have a little selfishness inside.

Number Five Love ourselves


For those who are looking for love this is the most important part. We can and we are our biggest critics but what about being our biggest fan? Whether we realize it or not, we care too much on what people think when people do not really care. Yes, they make remarks but that is all they do. It is totally up to us to be our biggest fans. And we must be our biggest fans by being better, not doing it in a disastrous way.

We can only attract love by giving out love and the first person we must give love to is none other than ourselves. Sometimes we cannot trust others to take care of our hearts so why not step up and take charge?

These are some of the points that we need to remember. Sometimes we make the mistake of demanding so much love from someone else but overlooked the fact that the origin is very near.

So let’s us have a bit of good selfishness in ourselves. How do you choose to be selfish? Share it down below.