Acceptance Would Make a Happy Marriage

When we say marriage, you will usually imagine your future wedding dress with a long train, great food, desserts for the guests and where would your honeymoon spot be at. Not many would probably give a deep thought about what it really takes to live a happy married life.  

While other aspects are as equally important, accepting your spouse as he/she is would be one of the golden keys to a happy marriage. This means you acknowledge his/her STRENGTHS

a)      That she’s a way better driver than you

b)      That she earns more

c)       That her business is soaring higher than yours

d)      That people look up to her

e)      That she drifts!

f)       That he cooks great food more than you

g)      That the kids are closer to him

h)      That he’s better and calmer at handling them

i)        That he always makes the right decision in business

j)        That he’s excellent at establishing relationships

You could be intimidated by your spouse’s vigorous traits but then remember that he/she too has flaws.  This is when you complement one another because marriage is a team work. If your spouse is already great at certain things, I’m sure he/she needs you to handle other stuff and that makes a great combo! 

In fact, acceptance too comes through recognising your spouse’s WEAKNESSES

a)      That she doesn’t cook as often as you expected

b)      That she wakes up late on weekends

c)       That her chicken curry tastes bland

d)      That she always misplace her keys

e)      That she doesn’t read instructions and spoils the new vacuum

f)       That he always forget to flush the toilet

g)      That he snores and it wakes you up every hour

h)      That he’s really sluggish when it comes to the chores

i)        That you have to remind him again and again to throw the trash

j)        That he couldn’t handle the dirty diaper

In this case, you could be upset to know that your spouse doesn’t live to your anticipation. Then again, living a happy married life requires you to do some reality checks if your expectations are feasible to your spouse in the first place. If they are not, you might want to reconsider them.

Anyway, I would love to know your thoughts too. How do you learn to accept your spouse be it his/her strengths or weaknesses? Drop your thoughts in the comment box below because I look forward to reading it!