Best Foundations for Each Skin Type

If you are entirely new to the world of makeup, the array of foundations available might prove to be incredibly overwhelming. Just which one should you pick? Is there a specific type that you should go with, or does one type fit all? If you're lucky, you're the questioning sort who would do your research. If you're not, then you might end up in disappointment!

It's unfortunate, but there is no one-type-fits-all product when it comes to foundations. With the different skin types out there, it is just impossible to create one that would make everyone happy.

So what I'm going to do here is give you the next best thing: equip you with the knowledge needed to pick out the right foundation for your skin type.

Foundations come in three main categories: liquid, cream and powder.


The most popular type of foundation, seeing these on the shelves of makeup stores is a common sight. This is largely due to their smooth and easy application, whilst boasting the added benefit of catering to different skin types. Amazing, right? Here is the low down on liquid foundations and the skin types they work best with:

Oil-free Liquid Foundation

  • Description: For those who wish to achieve a matte look, an oil-free liquid foundation is your go-to pal. These are generally easy to blend and will especially suit those who live in humid climates. Do take note that oil-free liquid foundations tend to dry quickly, giving you little time to blend.
  • Best for: Oily skin

Oil-based Liquid Foundation

  • Description: On the other end of the spectrum, oil-based liquid foundations will grant you with a satin/satin-matte sheen much like those touted by Korean idols. Pumped with hydrating properties, cracked, sandpaper-like foundation will be the least of your worries.
  • Best for: Dry skin

Mousse Foundation

  • Description: Mousse foundation is essentially foundation with air whipped into it. It is heavily pigmented, so a little of this potion goes a long way, with the end result being a matte, weightless finish. These often contain oil.
  • Best for: Dry and mature skin

Liquid-to-powder Foundation

  • Description: Like the name suggests, liquid-to-powder foundations are liquid formulas that glide on in liquid form and end with a powdery finish. These are easy to blend and work well for on-the-go touch ups- as well as save you from the mess powders can give. That said, dry skinned ladies should stay away from these as they can place emphasis on fine lines and wrinkles. Not a very attractive look, no?
  • Best for: Normal and oily skin


Cream foundations come in two forms: cream or solid. These tend to give heavy coverage and so are suited for a more made up look.

Cream Foundation

  • Description: The name says it all. Cream foundations give your skin a soft, velvety finish with a medium to full coverage. You'll have to put in a little work in blending, but the results will be well worth it.
  • Best for: Dry skin

Cake or Stick Foundation

  • Description: Created in solid form, these heavy duty foundations are ideal for providing coverage as they're able to cover scars and flaws. Which, unsurprisingly enough, makes them popular for photography sessions. However, it is this trait that makes them unsuitable for everyday use, as some may find them thick and heavy. It should also be noted that these have a more drying effect.
  • Best for: Oily skin

Cream-to-powder Foundation

  • Description: Again, if you'd like to save yourself from a powdery mess, this is for you. Like its cousin (liquid-to-powder. Remember her?), this ends with a powdery finish. But in contrast, the cream ingredients make it more suited for sitting atop dry skin as it can make oily types look even oilier.
  • Best for: Normal and dry skin


A popular option for young girls and those who have just started wearing makeup, powder foundations are great for a light look. These typically come in compacts or a screw top container, and are applied with either a brush or a powder puff.

Loose Powder Foundation

  • Description: Light and easy to apply, these are great for touch ups or for when you're in a hurry. Loose powder foundations also help control oil, though on the flipside this can mean that they're too drying for those without oily skin. If you're only planning to use these for touch ups, however, this won't be much of a concern.
  • Best for: Oily skin

Pressed Powder Foundation

  • Description: These are much like any other pressed powder, but with the added ability of granting more coverage. As expected, these are light and work well with those who have oily skin. This option may place emphasis on dry and or mature skin.
  • Best for: Normal, oily and combination skin

Mineral Foundation

  • Description: Beauty companies claim that mineral foundations don't encourage bacterial growth, and so are ideal for those who have oily and or acne-prone skin. They offer lightweight, buildable, oil-controlling coverage that can be easily applied with a fluffy brush. As with most powders, dry skin types will want to stay away from these as they can accentuate fine lines.
  • Best for: Oily and acne-prone skin types

Well, that's about it. Based on what you've read, what foundation would you pick for yourself? Let me know in the comments below!