Black Coffee Is Not for You? You Should Try These Tips.


A cup of coffee, drinking and enjoying it as your special morning ritual before leaving for work, during work (or fika), for extra long hours or simply as a treat to yourself is something relatable to all of us.  However, not everyone enjoy the black coffee - the timeless classic which contains less sugar (or no sugar at all). Maybe due to the bitterness or the coffee is simply too strong, some might say no to this option.

Black coffee is actually good for your health. For a start, it has almost zero calorie compared to coffee with sugar, milk or cream. Caffeine in the coffee helps to increase your metabolism and burn fat. So, if you are looking to lose some weight and look stunning in your new pants or leggings, you should start drinking black coffee, not the cup lavishly flavoured with loads of sugar and cream.

Apart from that, having a cup of black coffee will help you to focus and stay alert. It can boost both your physical and mental performance. That is why it is strongly recommended for you to take a cup of strong black coffee before your work out session or when you need to stay up late finishing your task.

If you are not a fan of black coffee before, these simple tips below might help you to change your mind.


Gradually cut your sugar.

Switching from coffee of your liking to black is not easy. Your taste buds have been pampered with the extra flavours and sweetness so of course it will not appreciate the sharp strong taste of black coffee. You should gradually cut your sugar.  If you normally put two tea spoons in your coffee before, reduce it to one and a half tea spoon. Then, once you can adapt with the arrangement, reduce another half tea spoon and in no time you’ll see yourself enjoying your black coffee. Remember, the less sugar the better. It’s a healthier option, of course.


Fresh Coffee, please!


Use fresh coffee. Not the one that has been sitting in your cupboard for quite some time. Stale coffee is definitely a NO when you’re having your coffee black because you don’t have cream and sugar to disguise the staleness. If you really want to cherish your coffee moment, avoid buying instant coffee.  Buy coffee beans instead. Store your coffee in an airtight container, in a cool dry place away from the sun. Don’t grind until you brew as once ground, the coffee tend to loose its flavour much faster compared to in beans form.


Try different roasts and brew.


Don’t stick to one choice. Start experimenting with different types of coffee. Don’t be afraid to try new selection of coffee - be it the flavours (nuts, chocolate, caramel or strawberry), the origin of the coffee beans or the different roast level the coffee is prepared. On top of that, instead of sticking with the normal method of brewing, you can try cold brew. It is tastier and less acidity compared to the hot-brewed one.


Keep track of your likings.


While having fun experimenting with your coffee, do keep track of what you really like and what upset your taste buds. Simply scooping your coffee into the coffee maker will not help you in this case. If possible, remember your preferences (For instance, how many scoops do you need, what’s the brewing ratio) so that you can enjoy it every time you need a decent good cuppa.


A hint of other flavour could help.


Opting out sugar (and milk or cream), you can add other natural flavours for your coffee. Try cinnamon powder, unsweetened cocoa powder or vanilla extract for a bit of a kick. If you find that your coffee is too strong or bitter, add a pinch of salt to reduce the bitterness.


Make it your special treat or ritual.


Create a special ‘me and coffee’ moment. Set ‘having a black coffee’ as a morning ritual to look for at the beginning of a bright new day. Or simply enjoy your coffee break with your colleagues or friends who are coffee lovers. Exchange notes with them and share opinions on how they like their black coffee.


Not scalding hot.

Lastly, let your coffee cool a bit before sipping it. You can’t enjoy the real taste of coffee and treasure its flavour if it is scalding hot. Let it sit for a while, then only take a sip by sip.


Drinking coffee without sugar is not as hard as it may seem. Try the tips and learn how to love black coffee. Are you a coffee lover? How do you like your coffee? Kindly share your preferences in the comment box below.