Confinement Period. How Can Fathers Play Their Roles

Expecting a baby can be very amusing because your title will change forever. Throughout the 9 months period, you might be doing numerous research on baby matters such as clothes, foods preparation and breastfeeding tips. Some would also be attending classes on childbirth and it is highly recommended to all expecting parents. While you might have prepared well, that might not be the case for your spouse. Fathers may not equip themselves enough with the knowledge on parenting and fatherhood which could be unfavourable to your relationship in the near future.

Because of that, I felt called to write a concise note to fathers and future fathers out there to help them put things in order. There are heaps of ways that daddies could do to make things easy for the mothers. But in this article, let’s focus on three of the eminent ones.


1.       Be next to your wife all the time unless you are told otherwise

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 Men are usually not aware of this, that their wife feels lonely or empty being at home all day long with a baby that doesn’t respond much. You should know that you’re her main companion at this critical time so be there for her. Lay next to her, comb her hair or massage her aching back from the constant nursing. Share stories and updates with her so that she doesn’t feel left behind. And never ever leave her alone in the room just because you want to watch your favourite EPL match. If you really do, take the baby with you so she could catch a nap.

2.       Do the chores

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This is in fact, the least that you could do because now is the time to get in your wife’s shoes and experience a portion of what her life revolves around. The job entails throwing the trash, changing bed sheets, sweep and mop, do the dishes and laundry of dirty clothes and quite a number of other things that vary between couples and their lifestyle. But if you could afford, use the nearest Laundromat or hire a one-off house-cleaning services that’s easily available in the search engine and enjoy the available time with your loved ones.

3.       Bathe the baby

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Being constrained in many ways, postpartum mothers couldn’t really handle bathing your newborn because they need enough rest to recover. This is when a daddy’s service comes in handy. If you’re unfamiliar with handling babies, then learn because there are a number of ways to give your newborn a bath. Google or look it up on Youtube!

There you go dads, three feasible things that you could do to help things easy. Remember you vowed before God to go through hardship and ease with your wife? Here’s the time to prove it. And mothers, do share your thoughts on this matter in the comment box below. Who knows you could enlighten at least one father reading this post?