Cristiano Ronaldo Launches Fashion Line CR7 on ZALORA

It cannot be denied that Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo is also a fashion taste-maker. Frequently spotted on red carpets looking dashingly handsome in tailored suits and his signature slicked-back hairstyle, he has  inspired countless article features and Pinterest boards centred on his personal style. Not only that, he was also named one of the best-dressed footballers off the field by E!Online and the Most Stylish Man Alive by GQ magazine.

However, the love he has for fashion is so undeniable that he decided to develop his own denim range. “I’ve always appreciated fashion on a personal level,” he said. “It’s a great way to express yourself and experiment a bit. I wanted to get more involved, and denim seemed like the natural starting point for me.”

Now, taking his brand even further: Southeast Asia. ZALORA is one of three retailers globally to carry the brand and the exclusive retailer in the region.

In an exclusive interview with ZALORA, we had the chance to talk to Ronaldo and he explains  to us more about his line and his future plans for it!

Z: How would you describe the CR7 denim collection to ZALORA’s customers?

CR: CR7 Denim is designed for people like me who live very active lifestyles and need their jeans to move with them. That was the key inspiration for the line, which is why we use stretch fabric technology that enables movement and feels comfortable, while keeping the stylish look of premium denim. The collection comes in four different fits at varying price points, so I think everyone will find something that’s right for them.

Z: How involved were you in the conceptualisation and the design process?

CR: I was very involved in the design process, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing everything come together. There are elements from my personal style throughout the line — for example, there are hints of white in different pieces, as that’s my favourite colour.

Z: What kind of customer did have in mind when designing the line and what were your influences?

CR: The campaign story is “We Are Limitless”, which to me is all about living life to its fullest, always pushing yourself to go further, even when it doesn’t seem possible. So the collection is really for anyone who connects to this philosophy, just like I do.

Z: Why did you choose denim as a key focus?

CR: Denim has always been a go-to look for me off the field, so it made sense for me to focus on it. Due to my build, it’s not easy to find comfortable jeans that also look good. So I decided to create a denim collection that looks stylish, but that’s designed with comfort and move-ability in mind.

Z: For the CR7 denim line, which is more important comfort or style?

CR: I don’t think anyone should have to compromise on either, and that’s reflected in the CR7 Denim collection.

Z: Why is CR7 launching on ZALORA?

CR: Everyone knows ZALORA as a top fashion retailer in Asia, their shoppers are known for being stylish and trendy, which is a great fit for CR7 Denim.

Z: What can we expect to see from CR7 fashion in the future?

CR: The focus is on the men’s denim line for now, but hopefully someday we can expand into a junior’s line.


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