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How to Be a Responsible Pet Owner

How to Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Nowadays, many people have pets at home, but do they really take care of them or just for the sake of having one? Are they a responsible pet owner? Pets are living and breathing like us. From the day they are brought back to our home and separated from their parent, we have to be responsible in taking care of it. Pets are not a product that can be thrown aside and forgotten. Pets are companions that need love, care and devotion, like us human.



Like human, pets need to have clean food and drinks too. Never leave home without giving them with sufficient amount of food. Change it daily if you are at home to keep it fresh for them. Clean their bowls when needed.




If we stay at home 24/7, we will get boring too, so do our pets. Pets can’t walk themselves, they need their owner to bring them out with a leash on. Bring your pet out to walk around the neighborhood area for a walk as it is their opportunity to run free and be active.



Train your pet to understand simple words like “sit”, “no”, “stay”, “eat”. In case if anything happens, they can understand you.



Just like human, they need to be loved and cared for. Buy toys or a bed for your pet to make sure they are living in a comfortable setting. Brush their fur every single day to ensure they have neat and clean fur. Give them treats whenever needed. Bring them to the vet yearly for vaccination so that they’re in good health. Trim their fur and bath them regularly. Pets will love you back more.



In case they’re lost, runaway from home or stolen, an ID tag can help to identify who are their owners and who to contact so that they can be reunited with their owner.



Whenever you can, spend time with your pet. Play with them, even a 5 minutes play.

Since the day you bring your pet home, it’s your responsible to take good care of your pets, just like a new born baby. Be responsible and love them dearly.


Do you love your pet? Do you spend enough time with them? Are you a responsible owner? Feel free to share some more tips in the comment section below.


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