How to Lead a Fulfilling Life Outside of Work?

It’s an ordinary Monday, you arrive at the office, punctual as you always are. With a cup of Starbucks on one hand and a flashy iPhone on the other, you gracefully walk into the office and everyone greets you with their warmest “good morning”. You have the corner office, your view is a luxury to many people. “What a wonderful day!”, you tell yourself while scrolling through pages of unread emails from last week.

Is it nice to be a #girlboss? Is it nice to be able to afford the latest designer shoes?

No matter how women imagine what the future may hold, there will surely be a corporate life in the big picture. While that’s something all of us consider as a common trajectory to follow, it is especially important for the modern women to be recognised in the business world.

However, ladies, career is not the only thing that matters. You shouldn’t let the desire to prove yourself take the full control of your life wheel. It is indeed an ambitious goal to become a successful business woman, but don’t forget to ask yourself: “What makes my life fulfilled?”

There’s more to life than work

Having a well-established career is often perceived as the key to break social norms for women, to gain independence from their male counterparts, and increase their social status. Because of that pressure, more and more women are putting the maximum focus on their careers in order to climb up the corporate ladder.

Does it ring true to you? If yes, then hear us out, what happens outside of the office also determines your future success. So instead of devoting 100% of your time for work, it is crucial to take care of your personal life too.   

Remember that success is not measured by your bank statement or your job title alone, it’s also determined by the level of enjoyment that you experience in life, which consists of many other factors aside from work. Just think of your life as a novel, would you want to read you life story if every chapter is written about the same office life?

Cultivate a new habit that helps you stay healthy

Your most important asset is your health, so there’s no point in pursuing a dream job without having a healthy state of mind (and body).

You don’t need a fancy gym membership to maintain your wellness, start with a jogging or running routine every weekend. On top of that, you have to develop a healthy diet as well. Just allocate one-third of your daily schedule to workout. Frequent exercises will also help you to manage your stress levels. Remember to work smarter, not harder, to prevent getting burned-out as well. Don’t be afraid to initiate a discussion with your manager if your workload gets overwhelming.

To cultivate a healthy habit, you must discipline yourself. Say no to staying up late to catch your favourite TV series, reduce your sugar intake, and avoid junk foods at all costs. If possible, prepare your own meals at home instead of eating out, at least for breakfast.

Make the most of your free time to learn something new

Just for the record, watching TV or playing video games is entertaining but this kind of hobby may cause more harm than good in the long run. The hectic work schedule already drains your brain juice, you need different activities to boost your brain power after office hours. If you spend your free time wisely, you’ll see a huge improvement in your work as well.

Now, besides the professional skills that are related to your job, what are other things that you wish you could do? It can be anything that you are interested in, from learning how to dance or how to play an instrument to cooking classes and even a second degree. Then create a schedule to actually learn it.

You only need one to two hours a day to learn something new to develop additional skillsets apart from your “domain”. Not only will it help to boost your competence, it’ll also help to keep you from getting bored with the ordinary activities on a daily basis.

Expand your social network and nurture positive relationships

No, we’re not talking about your Instagram and Facebook followers, a great part of a fulfilling life comes from the relationships that you have with others. As the saying goes, “who keeps company with wolves, will learn to howl”, your behaviours and mindset are influenced by the people who you associate with. So don’t hesitate to remove toxic people from your life and surround yourself with those who will bring good influence to your personal growth.  

Also, don’t forget to socialise with different groups of people to expand your horizon. For example, don’t limit your circle of friends to only those who share the same interests with you. By meeting up with different people, you’ll get to see the world from many different perspectives as well. All these relationships will definitely enrich your life outside of work.

Strengthen your family’s bond

Above all else, family is always the most important part of your life. No matter what you do, always prioritise the time spent with your loved ones because you can never find contentment if you keep chasing the tangible goals.

Make your family a part of your career, let them be the source of motivation to keep you moving forward. Instead of hanging out with your friends or colleagues every weekend, why not spend your Saturday evening to enjoy a true family meal together? You’ll feel the positive impact that family support has on your career in the long run.

Travel at least once a year

At some point when you find your work has become a burden, don’t call it quits just yet, maybe all you need is a little getaway to refresh your life. Call it a vacation or an escape, the point is you need to break out of your comfort zone to explore the endless possibilities in the world by travelling.

You’ll get to see different places and meet new people, which are the crucial parts of a fulfilling life. The experience that you gain on the road will also open up new opportunities for your career (think working abroad). Keep in mind that you don’t need to cross the continent for a meaningful trip, even a road trip away from your hometown is all that it takes to live to the fullest.  

Last but not least, don’t forget to treat yourself to new clothes or makeup products once in awhile. The more positive your life is, the more likely you’ll achieve success and fulfilment! What do you do to keep leading a fulfilling balanced life? Share it in the comment section below.