Importance of Serenity, Affection and Grace in Marriage

Whoever sets foot in matrimony would absolutely want a relationship that posits tranquillity, love and mercy. Oh come on, who doesn’t? I'm not a marriage expert but affection would not come without tranquillity and so does grace. But to be able to live in tranquillity with your spouse, it takes some generous effort from both the husband and wife.

One then might wonder, what makes up a tranquil relationship? This is rather a basic question that couples often neglect or fail to practice. While honesty and respect are fundamental to all relationships, they too constitute tranquillity in marriage. Being honest about your whereabouts and friends, respecting each other’s decisions even on little matters such as choice of fashion outfit to work would give you composure towards each other. And avoid belittling your spouse in front of others because that’s a total no-no! Nobody likes to be put down especially if it is done openly.

Then come about affection which essentially means loving one another. Love that results from respect and honesty is an example of a healthy relationship. This is when you love each other for who your spouse is, accepting his/her weaknesses and strengths as written before in here. In fact, showing affection can come in many forms just as the ‘5 Love Languages’ put it;

  1. Words of affirmation
  2. Quality time
  3. Gifts
  4. Act of service
  5. Physical touch

And finally, a merciful relationship takes place. It means embracing grace and compassion as you play your roles as a husband and wife, or parents. Providing for your children the best food, education and upbringing are among the signs of compassion. Also, doing the chores together is a simple act of compassion because it makes you take undesirable burden together instead of totally leaving it to your spouse. Since we all hate doing the chores, it’d be great to be able to have someone to do it together.

So what do you do to maintain a serene, loving and compassionate marriage? Share your thoughts and it would be great to read them in the comment below. Who knows someone might get some fresh ideas to restore or save their marriage?