Open House? Tips & Tricks to Planning a Successful Gathering at Your Home

OK. So a month of Raya is over. That also means, no more open houses to attend, no more raya dishes like ketupat, rendang, lemang and kuah kacang to be served and baju raya quickly becomes obsolete. Oh really? While there were so many open houses of relatives and friends to attend, there had been so little time to entertain each of the invitation. Let alone setting one up in your own home! 

Well, Raya was just a starting point to something good. What we have been practicing during Raya shouldn't stop even when it's over. Instead, this should be all the more reason to continue. We could still visit friends and relatives outside the month of Shawal. Plus, the second Raya is coming up soon! So, no excuse. Let's pick up that gear and prepare the guest list. Here are some tips and tricks to a successful mini gathering at your very home!

1. Staggered


You know how much space you got in your house. So plan accordingly. Optimize the number of your invitees by the area of entertainment you have, which most likely would be your living room. If you live in a cute and dainty apartment, you don’t have to invite all your friends at once just to get it all done and over with. Either you set a time for example between 12-6pm so they don’t all crowd in at once or set up one day to entertain around 3 families or 6 pax per weekend. Just make sure there’s still room for breathing and you guys are able to catch up on one another!


2. Rearrange furniture


Rearrange your furniture to give space for your guests to roam around freely. This is especially important to ensure the flow of your guests is not impeded by some good old giant furniture. If you’re doing potluck, it’s best that to set aside the main and side dishes apart from the beverages and desserts section.


3. Cater or Cook?


Now the best part that we dread the most: food. By all means, if you plan on getting a catering, please do. It would save you a lot of time and preparation. However, there have been plenty of cases where people get food poisoning. You can only ask and hope that the food delivered is clean and fresh. Otherwise, home cooked meals with love are always people’s favourite. You don’t have to be a master chef to pull off a lip smacking dinner. You can cook something you’re familiar with or what the heck, just try something new! If you can follow simple instruction, you can definitely follow a recipe book.


4. Home decor


Having a little bit of decor around the house doesn’t do you harm. Take the effort to sprinkle some magic touches around the house which doesn’t always have to be pricey. Fresh flowers on the dining table, relaxing background music and sweet smelling scent of cookies or floral from candles or spray fragrance will sure do the trick. The idea is, you would want to make your home feel as homey, warm and welcoming as possible.


5. Some things are better left unsaid, they say.


Well guess what? I’m going to say it now. Make sure your bathroom is always in mint condition. Your guests might not speak up to you about it but God forbid, they speak out to others! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Why is it so important? Because it is to do with one’s personal hygiene, cleanliness, health and reputation as a civilized person who wouldn’t like to be distinguished as a barbaric and disgusting person. 


So any more ideas to add into the mix for a successful gathering at your home? Feel free to share it down below.