Our Negaraku, Malaysia


Maybe it’s because this is the month of Merdeka, or probably because we’re all on a high due to the successful run Malaysia is achieving in the Sea Games but this post comes at the right time to show appreciation to our country. It goes without saying that we all love our country. So why do we? Here’s a top 5 list.

nasi goreng.jpg

1.       The food

Though plenty has been said about the kinds of food we have, it will still not bore us. With such eclectic taste buds Malaysians savour just about any kind of dish from nasi lemak, tosei to char kway teow. Rice as our staple diet must always be on the menu with various dishes to accompany it. For many Malaysians, spiciness is a must and it is dearly missed when one is far away in a country that offers mostly bland food. But in times of emergency we can always rely on our favourite noodle provider. In short, Malaysians take down their food well and have won many people’s hearts through their stomach.


sunny day.jpg

2.       The weather

So yeah we complain about the heat and the torrential rain but admit it, we love it. It’s like that song lyric: `you only miss the sun when it starts to snow'. There’s nothing like being basked in the glorious Malaysian sun and sweating it out .. erm, because that makes for a happier and healthier you. It also gives you that rosy glowing look 24/7. Ultimately, you get the chance to sport a cool look in lovely summer wear and shades all year round!


food truck.jpg

3.     Night Markets and Food trucks

This is a very Malaysian thing. Night markets aren’t just there to sell stuff from the quintessential to the chintzy, it’s a place to socialize, eat street food (yes food again!) and just exercise since you’ll be walking for long stretches. Food trucks on the other hand are now our latest Malaysian craze and again, it’s all about food so what’s not to love. It offers us busy citizens a chance to get some good food – fast and in an open and intimate setting.


4.       The people

happy face.jpeg

Malaysians are often described as hospitable, warm and friendly. We love to help and even though some of us are at the border of being too friendly, we can’t help it because we care and want happiness for others too, even if I may be speaking for certain quarters only. But we have to agree that Malaysians become their best versions when we come together during big events like sports while upholding our nation’s spirit wherever we go.

happy people 2.jpg

Basically what we miss when we go away to other shores is the warmth and friendly smiles we constantly receive back home. It is hoped we remain the same kind and considerate people till the end of time.



5.       We are colourful

Malaysia is rich in culture. We are a multi-racial country that cherishes our festivals and have strong faith in our own beliefs. In this country no celebration (and public holiday) is to be missed. We realize that without our customs and traditions we would not be who we are today. Even if we move away miles from here we Malaysians still want to retain our traditions and that’s what keeps us grounded. On top of that, celebrating our differences has made us into more wholesome beings, only if we are willing to keep an open mind.

So Malaysia, you've come a long way and here's wishing you a Happy 60th Birthday. Happy Merdeka!

What do you love about your country? Do feel free to share with us below.