The Major Fall/Winter Trends for Womenswear 2017

The season where everything becomes revolutionary, women are hitting the streets with stylish looks and various personal styles from the bright colours to the comfortable fur coats. Designers sure are putting a twist this year by bringing back some of the oldies into a more modernized version as well. Let’s take a look at the major Fall/Winter trends in womenswear this year down below

1.    Striking Power Red

Power red looks are becoming a hit for fall/winter season this year. Women are seen flaunting the striking colour in red coats, pants, tops and even boots. It gives that boost of mood and confidence to go about your day.


2.    Vintage Inspired Fur

Last season was all about statement fur but this year vintage-inspired furs are in the game. Vintage-inspired fur coats give that comfortable warm touch which is perfect to go about in during the season. 


3.    Victorian Collars

You will also notice that neck deep look in Victorian-inspired collar tops. It is the classic turtleneck cousin which infuses that Shakespeare fashion element into a more modernized crisp touch.


4.    70’s Plaid

When you hear the word plaid, you must imagine the classic style back during the old days. For this fall/winter season, the 70’s plaid are found in coats, statement pants as well as formal gowns by designers. The pattern gives that chic yet effortless appeal for women to flaunt everywhere they go.


5.    Leisure Suits

Leisure suits or known to many of us as a track suit is considered the latest cozy wear donned among women nowadays. The athleisure look can be enhanced by rocking or a nice pair of high heels the way Rihanna did for Fenty Puma. Rock the leisure suits on your day out looking chic and trendy in front of others.


So which one is your favourite fall/winter trend in 2017? Please share it in the comment section below.