There Was a Time When..

As the world progresses, new ways and gadgets replace the old ones. We can’t help but reminisce about how different (or good) things were back in the day. We also can't deny that the things we have today provide us with a more efficient life. Yet without the past, we may not be able to appreciate the present. So let’s go down memory lane (for some of us) and check out a few good things we once cherished.

1. We wrote to each other

No matter near or far, people just wrote. The whole process of it was exciting: from the stationery you chose to placing a stamp on the envelope to putting it in the mailbox. But the most thrilling part was receiving a letter. The joy of getting mail can be likened to this present day where Mr Postman arrives to deliver you that blouse you just ordered online. You couldn't wait. But reading the handwritten letter perhaps had to be the ultimate experience knowing that someone actually took the time to reply your letter or simply write to you just because.

Though it is sad to see this tradition dying (or is it already dead?), we are probably more connected to each other now than ever before. Technology provides us various ways of connecting with one another and it's safe to say that we can pretty much be in touch countless times (in a day!). Even so, snail mail proved to be as exciting and it's strangely missed by some people.


2. Less TV Channels

People didn't have much choice when it came to TV channels and that was okay. They survived. They were entertained enough. Nowadays one is spoiled for choice and having too many channels is just overdoing things, don't you think. I mean who has that much time? But it does allow you to change channels to find something interesting to watch.


3. Sticks and Stones

These were valid toys. A kid in the 80s probably didn't need to have a real toy to play with because batu seremban, teng teng, konda kondi and even galah panjang ruled their childhood. Youngsters these days are so much luckier for toys are in abundance. Companies are just racing to create more and more toys and parents have to hold their breath (and their wallets) when passing by a toy store.

Childhood was different back in the days because kids were carefree, spent more time outdoors (sometimes barefoot) and were simply one with nature. Today, some lucky few don't even have to move an inch to have fun. Thanks to gadgets and gluing themselves to a screen.


4. Printed Photos

There was a time when photos could be held and placed in an album. Sending your photos to be developed and later arranging them in nice albums (or just stacking them in a box) was a tedious process but fun! Flipping through pages of photos afterwards with family or friends was even more fun especially while sharing anecdotes of where, when and why a photo was taken. Now, we selfie, we-fie and basically take endless pictures so randomly again, thanks to smart phones and devices. Sadly we later forget about the picture as it's stored in a hard drive or computer which we only open occasionally.


5. Nothing but the radio on

Though the radio is still in existence and pretty much relevant today but back in the days it was the main (or only) source of music (before the internet allowed us to just google songs and videos) and was much relied on for almost everything - from news, music to drama. Song requests were popular and waiting for your song to be played could be the highlight of the day. People loved the radio then, now and hopefully it will remain relevant for a long time.


6. The house phone

People may still have one of these in their house today. But of course back in the days, this was all people used. Making a call meant either memorizing a number to dial or looking it up in your address book (who has this these days?). Just pressing those numbers or turning the dial was almost therapeutic since you knew that you had made a call. Later on they designed cordless phones for people to take their call somewhere private. And of course today, we have our trusted smart phone that we can never part with and which we look at every two minutes since every notification possible pops up there - email, whatsapp, Instagram, twitter, Facebook, you name it.


7. Real conversations

What can I say, this most natural thing to do is on the verge of losing it's naturalness. People talk less these days and text more. In the past where social media didn't rule our lives real conversations took place and people were sociable, approachable and warm. But of course nowadays it's arguable that people are even more sociable, approachable and warm, online. So getting to know the real person and fine tuning ones own social skills requires effort.

Hence, clearly the evidence listed portrays how far we have progressed in life and how things have changed. But it also highlights one important fact - that there was a time when life was simple and that was all we needed.

You may have a different view or story to share so do leave a comment below.