Things Men Love in Women More Than Good Looks

Yes, we know that men love the beautiful things in life and women being one of them. Men are visualized creatures and often get instantly attracted towards someone pretty. But that is just their first impression as there are things other than good looks that men find attractive especially when settling down. Still having doubts? Check out the list below and analyse it for yourself.

1.    Good Listener

Men appreciate women who can be good listeners rather than the ones saying ‘I told you so’. There will be mistakes they make along the way in life or feeling down in the dumps from a bad day. For them, if a woman can be there by their side when they need you the most makes them value you in their life. By just listening (really listening) to their stories is what makes them feel that you care for their well-being.


2.    Spontaneous

One of the traits in men is that they love to ‘just go with flow’ compared to the ladies. Therefore, when they find a woman is not afraid to let go and be spontaneous in life, men will definitely be impressed. So ladies, let it loose a little and do not be so uptight all the time. Enjoy life and show your emotions. Although men will not sing in front of a crowd but they love when the ladies take charge and bold. Not only that, if men know that you will jump with excited towards a surprise, they will definitely love showering you with it just to see your adorable reaction.


3.    Accomplished

Nowadays women are seen following their dreams, rocking an amazing career, dressing in stylish clothes and doing the things they love. Men feel attracted knowing that the ladies are accomplishing their dreams and fulfilling their goals. It shows that you are independent and not afraid of going for what you believe in. It is not about being beautiful or having an impressive resume but men love to know that you are happy as a person.


4.    Able to enjoy her food

Men truly love women who can genuinely enjoy her food when out on a date. Being able to bring you to a restaurant, relax and having a good time eating whatever you want makes it attractive to them rather than you showing how fat it is going to make you. Eating without showing you are worried of your weight shows that you are confident. Of course eating healthy and cutting down calories is essential but there is nothing wrong in indulging in sweets and junk food with your date.


So what else do you want to add to the list? Bet you have some exciting points to add so feel free to drop them down below.