Tips to Be a Good Wife

“Marriage is not a noun, it’s a verb, it is not something you get, but something you do, it is the way you love your partner every day.”

Being a wife is not easy as we changed from a lady under parent's care, get married and became someone's wife. Being a wife is not easy, so do being a husband. Husbands transformed themselves from a playful young man to someone's husband with more responsibility. But being an understanding wife and husband makes a better marriage life.

1) Be supportive


Whenever the husband decides to do something or have some ideas, support them as a wife. Do not pour "cold water" onto their ideas and reject immediately. Listen to what they have to say. You might not agree but at least support him and understand from his point of view. For example, sitting down and watch his favorite movie together is a good way to support him too although that movie is not your genre.

2) Be a good listener

Spend time to listen to his problem, ideas, happy or unhappy moments. Be a good listener. We might can't help him solve the problem, but listen to him is good enough to make him feel better and know that you will be by his side through thick and thin.

3) Be Respectful

We want our husband to respect us. We have to respect them too. Watch what you say and think before you speak, no matter in public or private. Do not shout at them as you might hurt their feelings. Try to talk rationally and do not cross the line.

4) Show your appreciation

Compliment them even they help you in simple house chores to let them know you appreciate their help and they will be more than happy to help you in the future. Not only that, give compliments to them whenever they have a new hair cut or look great in new clothes

5) Communicate


Most of marriages fail mainly because of the lack of communication. Communication is very important between husband and wife, even family members. Do not nag or shout when problems arise, learn to solve by communicating. Be mature and always talk everything out.

6) Be Honest

Do not cheat on your husband. Be honest to them no matter what happens. Trust your husband with everything. Do not keep secrets from him. If you do, they will find that you are lying to them and will probably ruin their trust.

7) Give him space

Even after the married life, he can have his own personal time too by enjoying beer or hanging out with his friends. It is not necessary to follow him wherever he goes as you need to give him some personal time. 

8) Do not nag

Do not nag your husband in every single thing he does. This will only make him annoyed and avoid being with you. Try to talk nicely on what you do not like and he will appreciate that. 

9) Express your love

Wife can express your love to your husband too. A simple hug and kiss to your husband to wish him a nice day ahead before he leaves for work will make him feel the love from his wife and cannot wait to go back home to you. Keep him excited and miss you every day.

10) Surprise him

Surprise him with something he wished to buy by doing some online shopping. He will be very happy even it's just a small simple thing. You can also cook him a nice dinner after he came back from work with a table full of his favorite meal to see that big smile on his face.

Learn to be a good, supportive and caring wife as it will make your marriage happier. Improve slowly and your husband will fall in love with your every second of the day. Do you love making your man happy? Feel free to share some more tips in the comment section below.