Tips to Read 96 Books Per Year

Increasing the quality of your brain is important to be a good entrepreneur. But how? It depends on the quality and the quantity of the books that you read. Reading will make you to think out of the box because you have read a lot of stories and information.

Reading might not be a habit that is easy to develop, but it’s the one that will help you to think bigger. So, is there any tips make reading as a hobby? Of course there is! Challenge yourself to read at least 8 books per month. Pick any fiction books with at least 250 pages and start your reading.

It means you will have read 96 books for a year! Imagine about how much percents that your brain will grow better? Here I share with you some tips to read 96 books per year.

1. Set a clear goal


List down some reason why you must achieve the challenge to read at least 100 books for this year. By listing down the reasons, you can read it back anytime. So, when your spirit is feeling down and feel lazy to read the books, read it back loudly. By doing this, it will always remind you to always flip the pages of a book to achieve your goals.


2. Set your time limits for a book


Reading is an important distraction that you can practice . Always be focus on your whatever you are reading. Give yourself four hours to read a 200-250-page book. If you set a month for a book, I guarantee you will lose your discipline since a month is a really long period to finish a book because your attention will be attenuated.


3. Read the easiest book to digest first


Some books are complicated and hard to digest. If you read these kind of books at the start of your goal, you will get stressed out as your brain couldn't get that ‘warm up’ feel. Let your brain to digest the easiest and thin books first. Start small, then grow big!


4. Choose your books


You must read only the best-selling books. Read the synopsis behind ever book you pick up and decide whether it attracted your interest. Reading is also the best way for you to escape reality and be in your own world. Some books can also help you deal with your problems in life.

Believe me, reading will give you a whole lot of knowledge from fashion, beauty, cooking, business, fairy tales, love stories and brush up your writing skills too by understanding the language style. Just enjoy the stories that you read, the language style, the plot and every single word that expresses feelings and displays situations. Let set up our new goal to read 96 books every year!


So how do you score your reading goals? What kind of books do you love to read? Feel free to share it in the comment section below.