Top 4 Drugstores and Local Brands Lipsticks That Every Girl Should Have.

As you ladies know, every girl that loves makeup will totally get obsessed with lipstick. Yes, we know that high-end lipsticks are way more better and nicer than drugstore ones but don’t get me wrong because there are some drugstores and local brands that to me, to be honest can satisfy my expectations. So, here is my top 4  drugstores and local brands lipsticks that every girl should have.

1.       Silky Girl Matte Junkie Lip Cream

I think every girl already knows this brand right? Yup I’m obsessed with this brand, the color, pigmentation and texture make my lips feel like there’s nothing on them. It is so smooth and it suits for daily wear. It only cost me around RM 19+ but when there’s a sale I think you girls can get it for below RM19. Absolutely this is a must have!


2.       Catrice

Catrice is a drugstore brand and the packaging really looks like high-end product.The price is so reasonable for the pretty packaging. Yup, all range of the lipstick shades are totally good and worth to buy! The lipstick makes our lips feel moisturize and the color look very outstanding which complements our facial feature.


3.       Orkid Cosmetics

This is a really good local brand as the color range, texture and packaging will totally make you fall in love at first sight. It is a long lasting creamy liquid lipstick which only cost you RM39. 


4.      Nita Cosmetics

Nita Cosmetics is also a local brand that has a very good quality and texture.  The brand's Liquid Lipstick will definitely make your lips look kissable but it is a little bit dry when you wear it without priming your lips with lip-balm. Honestly speaking, Nita packaging are totally impressive. It is simple and minimal but really makes you feel luxury, elegant and stylish. Packagings are so important to attract buyers out there, so girls better go check them out now! 


So what is your favorite drugstore or local brands of lipsticks? Share it in the comment section below and let's be friend on my Instagram @iqaalee_. Till we meet again.