Top 6 College Wardrobe Essential

Hey girls, what's up! As you girls know, college girls love to look presentable even going to class. Sometimes you wake up late and just grab whatever outfit/clothes that you see first and sometimes it is a little bit difficult to choose. So, let’s take a look at some WARDROBE ESSENTIAL that every college girl should have. Basically, College Wardrobe Essential is based on basic clothing and color or pattern. So here are top six college wardrobe essentials you can pull off.

1. Slip On

Why Slip On? This is because it looks cute and easy to wear especially when you are in a rushing mode. It's also a combination between sneakers and pumps shoes so for girls who try to find "in between" shoes, this is for you. There is a lot of nice and cute slip on designs that you can find out there. You will totally fall in love with this type of shoes.


2. Jeans


Jeans, jeans jeans!! Oh, this is a MUST-HAVE in every college girl wardrobe. Jeans will never go out of style. You should have at least two colour of jeans, for example dark blue and black. You can always mix and match your jeans with a plain shirt, sweatshirt or any blouse even the basic plain or pattern. Jeans can never make you go wrong.  Some college/university doesn’t allow you to wear jeans so you can replace it with black basic pants.


3. Basic Plain T-shirt

Basic are always the best alternative for anyone to have in their closet. A basic plain T-shirt makes you appear simple and stylish effortlessly. Head-up, shoulder-straight and rock that t-shirt with your own edgy touch. You can always pair it with jeans or a skirt or jackets.


4. Cardigan

Outerwear always make our outfit look extra. So, don't be afraid to match an outerwear with anything that you have. But the best outerwear for students is always cardigan. Why? Because it is lightweight and suit all types of weather, especially in Malaysia.


5. Jumper

Lazy to dress-up? But want to look good? Don't worry, we have Jumper to save the world!! Wake-up, take your jumper and match with any pair of jeans, legging or plain pants and voila you're ready to go. The jumper is a favourite college wardrobe essential because it is easy to wear when you are in a rush to class.


6. Backpack

Yup, it is a must-have for any student out there, for sure. But if you girls want to look more fashionable just pick any leather backpack in soft color. It will totally look good! Trust me, leather will make any outfit look more outstanding.


So does this posting help you girls? Please leave a comment down below if you girls have any question or idea that we can share together. Let's be friends on my instagram @iqaalee_. Till we meet again. Thank you for reading.