Unusual Ways to Help You Lost Weight

Yes, we can admit that everyone wants to lose some weight and shed those extra calories off. We often hear that to help lose weight is by taking care of your diet and work out. However, as you might not believe this, there are some unusual ways which can help you along the way. These unusual ways will probably leave a smirk on your face or lift an eyebrow but there is no harm in trying if it actually works for you. Who knows by adding them into your healthy lifestyle routine will help.

1.    Smell some vanilla

Are you someone with a sweet tooth and just cannot wait to have some every day? As we all know that sweets ruins your diet so if you want to curb the cravings for sweets, smell some vanilla. Yeah you just heard it right. Vanilla has that sweet scent which help calms your dessert cravings. The sweet scent appeases your appetite to over indulge.


2.    Choose who you eat with

The best way to start losing weight is to hang out with people who have the same goal as you. This is because you need someone who can motivate and support you to eat right. Be positive together and reach your goal weight with ease. You will definitely think twice before ordering fast food with someone who eats healthy.


3.    Dim the Lights

If you dim the lights when you eat like what romantic restaurants always do, it helps you feel fuller quickly. So even if you are eating a small portion, you will feel it is enough. Probably that is why most first dates are at these fancy dim lit restaurants as it helps you to feel full and enjoy your date without overeating.  Therefore, try doing it in your home or anywhere you eat and see the change of your intake.


4.    Write down what you eat

Okay, writing down what you eat every single day helps you to determine what works or not for your own body. Certain food may contribute to you gaining weight fast and some might still be acceptable to consume while still reaching your goal. Not only that, it helps you count the calories you consume from breakfast to dinner.


5.    Wear something body hugging

By wearing something that hugs your body, it will indirectly make you control what you eat so that you do not appear bloated. Whether a tight t-shirt or dress, it will make you self-conscious to take care of what you are eating.


So what are your own unusual ways in losing off some pounds? Share it in the comment section below.