Why Do We Need A Hobby?

Remember when you were young, one of the most popular hobbies is collecting stamps. This was an era without an Internet where jumping ropes are still the in thing and mobile phones only belong to those with serious money. But as years pass, looking around, we noticed that people start to develop other hobbies such as reading, playing football, fishing, play video games, making your own fashion clothes and even doing crafts. Do you not have a hobby? Well you should as it helps you in many ways.

One It is nice to take a break from our daily routine or work


All of us have to fulfil our own roles. Some study while others work. We need a hobby to give us a break, to give a chance for our brain to relax. For example, after a long day, doing something you love can take your minds off the hecticness of life for a few hours. For those who love to read, it serves as a way to escape from reality into a world of fantasy.

Two Good way to connect to people


It is very easy to get lost in our own worlds and just be in the same circle of people day in and day out. Having a hobby is a good way to connect with other people. For example, traveling. We can easily connect on a plane, when we are eating at a restaurant far away from our hometown or we can rekindle our friendship with an old friend. Before we know it, we might even gain a travel buddy or two.

Three As a form of therapy


In this chaotic world, being able to stop and relax is an expensive luxury not everybody can afford. Some say they find joy in cooking because cutting up the onion and fish gives them time to concentrate on something and block out everything. Others do cross stitch and do not realize that hours have gone by. Others may find fishing a good way to escape from the busy city. Whatever it is, a hobby may have be a good therapy for us.

Four Bond with our loved ones


Imagine perusing the cooking books or even websites for new recipes with someone we love, for example, our mothers and sisters. We can swap stories in the kitchen or even look back at the times when we were still kids and running around with cookies batter here and there. Not only that, a hobby such as baking can bring together the whole family as well as fill our stomachs!

So, these are just some of the reasons why I think we need a hobby. How about you? Share with us about your hobby at the Comment section.