Woman Crush August Issue: Up Close & Personal with Erin Adlina

If you are someone who is chasing your dreams, you will definitely adore our August woman crush. Building an amazing career at a very young age, this lady is the ultimate role model you would want to admire. Erin Adlina absolutely impresses us with her confidence as well as style. Leading as an Agency Manager as well as President of Excellent Accomplishments Achievers, let’s get to know her more!


1.    We discovered that you are rocking in your career, how did it all started? Feel free to share us the story.

All praises to The Almighty for my career rezeki & success, as well as my parents’ blessings. I started off an investor to the company I am currently working at, I was 18 years old & was lucky enough to be exposed to the concept of financial freedom – where we ought to learn how to grow our savings, assets & money in various investment vehicles. One of it is unit trust investment; a form of investment that most who’s who in America find necessary – Paris Hilton, Daphne Guinness, Kim Kardashian, Ivanka Trump are examples of famous trust fund babies. Which, answers the question of ‘why unit trust investment’ and how I started falling in love in investing & helping others to invest.

I took my unit trust license exam on my 21st birthday (with the intention of making this ‘birthday present’ as the best decision ever) and I’m currently on my 7th year with Public Mutual Berhad. I am blessed with many accomplishments, Alhamdulillah, some of them are the youngest Agency Manager & Leader, multiple awards winner & Top 5 company speaker. I head Excellent Accomplishments Achievers (EAAchievers) & we house more than 50 Gen-Ys of various backgrounds; both part time & full time. My goal is to instill financial literacy in youngsters & groom more young, passionate financial advisors so we can create solid wealth in our nation.


2.    You are one of the Instagram role models many girls look up to. How do you manage being successful at work, having a social life and some alone time despite your busy schedule?

Considering the fact that there are so many Instagram influencers nowadays, I am flattered to hear this thank you. I don’t see myself that way, to be honest; whatever posted are done with time & conscience and captions that are inspired by the pictures I posted. And honestly, whatever I posted could be 30 – 40% of things I go through daily because I hardly have time to focus on Instagram nowadays. I wish I can make more time for social media, take nicer #OOTDs & spend time replying to comments immediately. It’s a challenge to do so nowadays mainly because my mind is prioritizes my clients & EAAchievers.

And yes, I too, hope I’ll get to simplify my work load starting from this year because I need to put more focus on my personal life, I’m getting old hahahaha.


3.    Describe yourself in three simple words.

Driven, Principled, Intriguing


4.    You look amazing! We wonder, how do you stay fit and healthy?

Thank you so much for the compliment. I dance 3 hours a week & I try to include 2 hours of weights training the same week.


5.    How do you describe your sense of style?

Someone once said I’d fit very well in the 50s; classic & timeless. I LOVE MY WORK CLOTHES; high-waisted skirts, boot cut trousers, white crisp shirts. I have a lot of dusty pink, beige, maroon, pastel blue, mint green & black in my wardrobe. Nowadays I’d go extra edgy in my weekend wear; ripped jeans, baby tee, sweat pants & crop top, sneakers.


6.    Choose one that you love the most. Sneakers? Flats? High heels? Boots?

High heels, anyday


7.    What is the item in your closet do you wear the most?

I have a lot of high–waisted skirts of different brands, colours & styles. Definitely my (almost) daily staple style.


8.    You have flawless natural skin. Do you have a skin care regime that you abide to? Please share it with us!

Thank you so much, I have my occasional breakouts (and nowadays unfortunately,) allergies. But other than that, I cleanse, tone applies serum & moisturizes. I try to add dry brushing into my regime as well especially when I had very little sleep & needed extra lifting around the eyes. I cleanse with Glam Glow Thirsty Cleanse, The History of Whoo balancer to tone, I use La Mer for my under eye, Fresh Vitamin C serum when needed, MILK Makeup’s sunshine oil, L’occitane Reine Blanche on occasion.


9.    If you can choose one lipstick shade to wear everyday, what shade will it be?

NARS’ Audacious’ Julie – sexy, just- kissed shade; you know like having blood rushing on your lips. Natural pink.


10.    Please tell us, who is your celebrity crush?

Cristiano Ronaldo – good looks definitely but other than that, his generosity when doing charity work, he doesn’t have an inch of tattoo on his body because he wants to constantly donate blood, poised, persistent, determined & very focused. All I need in a husband haha.


11.    Us ladies grew up with all the lovely Disney fairy tales. Although in reality it is more complicated, do you believe in the existence of that one true love?

Hmm… I have to admit that I am a bit of a pessimist when it comes to men. Probably because I haven’t found ‘that one true love’..? We are all created in pairs & I believe regardless of time, status, age & condition, there is that one true love for all of us. Sometimes you need to get married more than once to finally find your true love. Sometimes your true love is given to you temporarily, then taken away in order for you to find your true love in akhirat.

True love isn’t necessarily the ones we see paraded online, it’s the couple who stays consistently affectionate towards one another, seeks betterment together, compliments each other’s strengths & weaknesses, learn to agree to disagree and understands one another’s love languages, that in my opinion, are the definitions of true love.


12. What's your one biggest pet peeve?

People who drag their feet when they walk.


13. It seems that you love to travel the world, where is one place you wish to travel to but haven’t been yet?

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, Tokyo & Hokkaido in Japan, Bora Bora Island, Interlaken & Lake Geneva in Switzerland.


14.    Share with us what is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

Too dangerous to reveal haha


15.    Oh, June was your birthday month. How did you celebrate your birthday this year?

I am lucky enough to get myself a surprise birthday dinner this year thanks to my very good friend, Aizana Abdullah who happened to be in KL (she’s currently staying in Washington DC). She said we’re doing a simple buka puasa cum birthday dinner with another friend but I ended getting surprised by about 15 others at Jibby East, KL.


16.    How did you and your family celebrate the festive season?

We’re very simple; we do the usual salam minta maaf & crying over confessions, visit our relatives in Klang & Rembau then back to KL to catch up on resting time.


17.    If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Psychokinetic – the ability to read & manipulate others’ minds, move objects & influence others with my mind.


18.    If you are stranded on an island and you can bring three things with you, what would it be?

My bantal busuk, a giant tub of Evian water & iPhone


19.    What should every woman try at least once in her life?

Public speaking. Because you wouldn’t know what you are capable of & your level of confidence until you speak to a room filled with audience


20.    What advice do you have for the girls out there who are still chasing their dreams?

Dreaming is free & it’s easy to have many dreams. Identify WHY you NEED to accomplish & materialize that dream, find your BIGGEST WHY. That WHY will be your driving factor, the reason for you to be consistent, the push you need to not give up. Find your biggest why, do not procrastinate & stay in love with your dreams.


Fallen in love with our August woman crush? Follow her on her instagram @erin.adlina. Who will our next month’s woman crush be? Take a guess down below.