4 Must-Have Face Scrub for Glowing Skin

Everyone knows that after you wake up in the morning or before heading to bed, cleaning your face with facial cleanser is a must to wash off all the dirt and excess oil away. However, washing your face with facial cleanser is just not enough. It is advisable to exfoliate your face also using a face scrub once a week as well. Face scrubs helps remove the stubborn dirt and cleans out your pores more thoroughly. But what face scrub should you use? There are various types of face and body scrubs available in the market to choose from to achieve the best results. Check it down below.

1.     Garnier Cleansing Set


Garnier is a very affordable brand of skincare for women to own and purchasing the cleansing set filled with facial cleaners, moisturizer as well as scrub for day and night. Implement all these steps to gain the perfect glowing healthy skin complexion. But do take note to only scrub your face once a week as using it every single day will irritate your skin. The important step to not forget is to cleanse and moisturize every day. Apply your day to night routine religiously to get the best results.


2.     The Body Shop Tea Tree Scrub


This skin clearing facial scrub combines micro-fine exfoliants which helps to unclog your pores. It cannot be denied that tea tree is an ingredient which is suitable for all skin types and reacts soft on the skin. If you are someone who has sensitive skin, this product will be the perfect choice.


3.     Claire Anti-Acne Scrub


If you are someone who has problem with acne, Claire’s anti-acne facial scrub allows you to clean out those excess oils out from your pores after a long day. As everyone knows that acne are forms when you have clogged pores and oily face, hence cleaning your face daily with facial cleaners and exfoliating it with face scrub suitable for your skin problems once a week makes a huge difference.


4.     Claire Anti-cellulite Scrub Soap


It cannot be denied that most ladies dread cellulites and it is not a nice sight for anyone to see. Therefore, Claire’s anti cellulite scrub soap combines coffee grounds, avocado oil and hints of peppermint scent. The product leaves that enhancing subtle smooth skin yet rejuvenating feel.


If you want to try out the products above, you can find them in ZALORA. But if you have your own favourite face scrub, feel free to share it in the comment section below.