5 Real-Life Sacrifices of Mothers That Deserve Consideration

Motherhood and sacrifices are correlated. One will usually have a preconceived notion about mothers and their prominent roles in raising a child as the saying goes, “the hand that rocks the cradle shakes the world”.  While the idiom may seem mediocre to some, it’s essentially important for us to take some time and really ponder on the real motherhood endeavour.  

This is especially important to expectant moms because boy I can’t stress enough how much reading you have to do before the arrival of your little one. Of many sacrifices, let’s see only five and elaborate more about their eminent effects on mothers. 

1. Especially for young moms or moms with newborns, expect to sacrifice your night sleep.  As common as it may sound, it happens to every couple and the effect could be outstanding too. Lack of night sleep would affect your relationships with friends and family, as well as your circadian rhythm. Being sleep deprived would intrude your health because you body is simply lethargic. Hence, be mentally prepared to come to work with panda eyes!


2. Motherhood also comes with losing one's me-time jogging or the privilege of sipping your favourite cuppa with your girl friends at your favourite coffee house. You may say that you’re too old for some girl catch-up sessions but wait until you have been missing it for 3 months. Then you’ll know what having one’s own space means. Therefore ladies, cherish every little moment with your buddies while you still can. 

sacrifice 2.jpg

3. Sacrificing your annual leaves to care for your baby who is under the weather is very common to moms with little ones. The precious leaves that used be spent on vacations will then be diverted to caring for your baby who falls ill.

4. This also means foregoing your chances to perform excellently at work which then could impinge your KPI. Due to the frequent emergency leaves and MCs, your work performance will possibly have an effect. Having supportive colleagues and superiors would do marvel but if you don’t, pray hard that God grants you strength to handle the pressure from work and family all at once.

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5. Another thing that a mom should be expecting to waive is your dreams. You know, the business opportunities, the appointments with high-profile clients, the compulsory courses for promotion or having that dream of a full wardrobe of stylish clothes that you have been aiming for. Well, you could catch them back, just remember to hold your spirit up for the next ten to fifteen years!

Being a mother is no joke. It’s a lifelong task and it takes a whole lot of commitment from the exasperating pregnancy to changing diaper and providing for the kids. True enough because we even learned to use a spoon at our mother’s knee. Look at how much work there is to shape a baby into a person. While you are delighted with the UPT results, remember to shape a mindset about the inevitable commitments that await.

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Anyway, let’s hear from you! What have you sacrificed so far? The zumba session? The extended shower time? Share your stories in the comment box below so we could embrace the variant realities in motherhood. Only moms will get this, truly.