Contact Lens versus Spectacles



Contact lenses are such a trendy fashion nowadays with colours such as blue, grey, hazel brown or even green. The colours are beautiful but there are times that will make us be in dilemma. We often think “Should I wear contact lenses or just stick to glasses?”

Glasses or spectacles can be trendy as well but mostly people with eye vision problem will opt for them. Although there are some people who just love to wear it to look stylish. So, let’s take a look which one give more benefits to you.






The spectacle frames are always up-to-date with new designs based on the latest trends. You need to choose them wisely so you won’t regret buying them because spectacles can be quite pricey. As much as they are pretty easy to carry around but handling them is sometimes hard. Why? They can easily break, crack and you might lose them too.

It also easily gets foggy and you can’t really enjoy your hot coffee or noodles. You also need to wipe your glasses often because fingerprints will be everywhere on your glasses. Sometimes you do feel like your eyes in a cage because the frame is in the way. Unfortunately, people can’t really see your eye makeup as they really need to look closely to notice it.


Contact Lenses


Contact lenses come with tons of colours and design. It is pretty and we can achieve our dream eye colour with it. It’s look even greater when enhance with some eye makeup like eyeliner and mascara. When you have your contact lenses on, you can see everything in HD. No fingerprints and no frame in front of your eyes.

However wearing them can be a little tricky. You need to learn everything about contact lenses so you won’t hurt your eyes. You need to give attention to little details about them and take care of your hand hygiene. You also need to keep your eyes hydrated throughout the day.


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