Denim On Denim Fashion Guide

Denim-on-denim is kind of a trend among the fashion people this year. For us, as a normal and "not so fashion" individuals, it cannot be denied that we could be afraid to try this trend.  You worry you might not pull it off with style dut, do you know that denim looks cool when we know how to pair it wisely. Here are outfit ideas that you can try! 


1. Back Slit Midi Denim Skirt


Fun facts, we actually can style from head-to-toe with only using Denim materials. Take any of your denim skirt and pair it with a denim blouse and denim heels. Yes, you can! You can totally make your denim outfit turn into a girlish outfit for a date or dinner as well. Pair the denim top with an orange sling bag and a bright orange necklace to make your outfit pop. Voila!






2. Moto Extreme Ripped Denim Jacket

For girls who love to look more casual and relaxed, you can try this outfit idea! You can wear them to class or a girl's day outing  with your besties. A simple white t-shirt with denim jeans and black ripped denim jacket will totally make your day full of confidence! Oh, and don't forget to pair them with a little black sling bag and  "Oxford Wedges Heels", it is a trend by the way.





3. White Denim Ripped Jeans

This look basically is a combination of chic and casual kinda look. You still can rock your basic baby- t-shirt and tuck in with your white denim ripped jeans. Pair them with a black-floral belt and mini denim sling bag.  Wear them with denim heels to make it look EXTRA!!! Yes, girls love EXTRA.




So, what do you girls think? Leave a comment down below if you girls have any ideas to be share or any question.