How to Be Romantic, Even If You Are Not #Relationshipgoals


So the #relationshipgoals that got you reading this article?  In case you missed it, the hashtag #relationshipgoals is one of the widely used on Instagram nowadays.  It features pictures of a couple or quotes about relationships that got people talking and it is also an indirect was of saying “I want a relationship like them”. For instance, David Beckham and Victoria are relationship goals.

How does being romantic related to #relationshipgoals

Everyone loves to have a romantic partner but not everyone is born romantic.  It’s an acquired skill that requires practice and developed over time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and same goes for #relationshipgoals.  To get there first you need to be romantic. The characteristics of a romantic person is constantly showing affection, compassionate towards their partner and always expressing their love in either action or words. 

Fret not as here we are giving tips on how to be romantic even if you are not.  

Expressing your love can be a bit tricky and challenging.  Your partner might be caught offguard with your sudden act of being romantic.  But bear with us, it gets better and your partner will be craving for more in no time. Ready to be the next Romeo and Juliet?


Declare your love, everyday


You don’t have to wait for special occasions to declare your love.  Tell your partner how much you appreciate his or her presence in your life and this can be done daily.  One after you wake up and another before you go to bed.  You would be surprised of how much power the sentence “I love you” holds.

Surprise delivery to his or her office


Your partner is yet to have lunch?  Buy her or him food and have it delivered to her workstation.  A simple gesture like this can serve as a reminder to say you got your partner’s back every time even at times when they are hungry.  Other than that, you can also make an unannounced presence at your partner’s office and have lunch together.  A short visit can means a lot especially if your partner is having a rough day at work. 

Pack your bag and go on a romantic gateway


Nowadays it has become challenging to spend quality time together especially when both of you are busy with work.  Lack of spending quality time together will eventually cause a relationship to become cold.  Study your partner preferences and choose a place that you know will make him or her happy.  Not only good for the relationship, going on a romantic gateway will improve your quality of life.

Candle light dinner on the beach


It’s truly a #relationshipgoals don’t you think? Enjoying the dinner while looking at the sunset and strolling down the beach hand in hand after dinner is a perfect way to end the evening.  This idea is perfect to apply for celebrating your anniversary since it should be more intimate just the two of you.  To make it more meaningful why not go down the memory lane and reminisce the happy moments in your relationships. 

Celebrate each other even the smallest achievement


Another romantic thing to do is to celebrate each other success.  No matter how big or small the achievement it is worth to be celebrated.  Like getting a new job, a raise or closing a deal with a client.  Likewise when faced with problems, don’t keep it bottled up to yourself.  A romantic partner would not just show support but also helps to find a solution.

Communicate with each other using all medium possible


Gone were the days where we only use text messages to keep tabs about each other.  Now with the advancement of technology we can use social media to communicate.  Don’t only limit yourself, slide into his DM once in a while and put the heart emoticon.  You got to be creative to keep things interesting. Give undivided attention to each other.

Have you hashtag #relationshipgoals yet?

After all you are the biggest fan and supporter of your partner.  While trying to be romantic remember to stay true to yourself.  Let us know what tips you love to try in the comment section below!  We want to hear your thoughts.