How to Convince Your Parents to Allow You to Travel

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Itinerary, checked. Tickets, checked. Uh-oh but there’s only one problem left; how to convince your parents to allow you to go? This has been a dilemma surprisingly for quite a lot of people especially if it is their first time to go on a holiday (without the parents). So here are a few tips which might help you to gain that “yes-passport” from your parents.


1.    Travel in a Group


 Often parents are worried if you travel alone especially for girls. So, in order for you to gain their trusts is by travelling in a group. Preferably if that group of yours consist of friends that they have already known and let your parents keep your friends phone numbers. In case if you accidently put your phone on silent mode, at least you won’t end up with millions of missed calls and probably ended up with not being allowed to travel anymore. Nope, we don’t want that to happen.


2.    Travel To A Nearby Place


Instead of going abroad, try travel in the country first; baby steps they say. The chances of your parents allowing you to go somewhere in Malaysia is higher compared to going abroad. Chin up, on the bright side, we have a lot of beautiful places in Malaysia (Instagram-worthy places in case if you are wondering) and you actually could save some money for your next adventure! Get the best OOTD shots wearing your best looking fashion look with the great places in our country.


3.    Prepare An Itinerary

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Having a well prepared plans and activities will put your parents at ease. If possible, make copies for them so that they at least know what you will be doing and during the trip, they know what you are doing. This will also benefit you by not having them callingg you in the middle of your planned activities. So every time they are thinking of keeping in contact, they will know the right time to call you.

P/S : Do not forget to call them often to let them know what you are doing, you might think this is a hassle, but trust me, you will feel better and they will feel much more better.


So, fellow new travellers, feel free to share your tips and experiences in the comment section below.