How to Look on Point in Timeless Evergreen Trends

It cannot be denied that once you experience a transition in life, deciding what to wear to complement your figure, personality and style can be quite overwhelming. No matter how many magazines you flip through or fashion tips tutorial you watch, you still have no idea how to pull fashion pieces together perfectly especially as fashion trends changes fast. Well fret not as here we are giving you some ways on how to always look on point in those timeless evergreen trends. You can never look out of style with them. Check out below.

1.    Boxy Shirt

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For the ladies who have a slim figure or want to hide their bloated tummy, boxy shirts are the perfect choice to wear. Not only that, it is definitely timeless to be worn for a casual day or even a night out. Simply pair it with nice jeans, shorts or skirts and you can never go wrong anywhere you go. The boxy design gives you a structured looking build on top while making you appear trendy effortlessly.


2.    Classic Leather Jacket

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No one can deny the stylish classic leather jackets as it is definitely a must-have piece for every woman to own in their closet at home. Why? Because by wearing it over your plain t-shirts or tank top, it brings out that edgy side of you while enhancing your outfit immediately. Style it on a girl’s night out or even out on a casual day looking chic.


3.    Power of Cardigans

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If you want to hide your skin or you have lean arms, cardigans can definitely help do the trick. Whether you are going for a casual or formal look, there are many types of cardigan designs to choose from depending on the look you are aiming to pull off. From light weight cardigans, knitwear or sleeveless cardigans, make your pick and rock the look from day to night with ease.


4.    Bold Red Dresses

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For the ladies who are looking to pull a sexy outfit, nothing can ever go wrong with you donning the bold red dress. Red dresses give you that boost of confidence and energy without you realizing it. Complete your red dress look by matching it with a nice pair of high heels and clutch. You are all set! This outfit is perfect if you want to reveal that sophisticated sexy side to others. Great for a romantic date!


5.    Simple Shift Dresses

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To get a feminine look and not looking as if you are trying too hard, shift dresses plays a great role in achieving that. It makes the lean look more meaty and hiding those bloated tummy too. It sure hides your curves but the loose comfortable feel is great to spend your day without feeling insecure. Accessorize the look by wearing some jewellery like a statement necklace or earrings and you are done.

Check out how you can evoke your energy with timeless pieces down below.


So what are your favourite timeless fashion pieces that you own? Share them in the comment section below.