How to Pair Your Fashion Pieces with White Pants

Do you want to get the clean sophisticated look? The colour white definitely will help you achieve it! It cannot be denied that some people wary of wearing a white piece of clothing as it can be easily stained. However, take the risk and pull white off with style as you can never go wrong. Here are some easy fashion tips for the ladies who want to pair their white pants for a chic look.

1.     White on White

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White on white is the most classic look any woman can pull together to get a fresh appearance. Match a white blouse or shirt with that sleek white pant of yours and go out with confidence. The white-on-white outfit absolutely brings out a sophisticated look which is perfect for the office or even a luncheon with the girls.


2.     Leather Chic

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For the ladies who want to add some spunk into their all white outfit, a classic black leather jacket will definitely do the trick. Show off that monochrome ensemble and rock it with class everywhere you go.


3.     Bold high heels with a bag to match

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To add some spice towards your white pants look, match your outfit with either a bold handbag or a nice pair of bold coloured shoes. These bold pieces will obviously enhance your whole white pants look immediately and effortlessly. It will also easily make you the center of attention.


4.     Military Green Jacket

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You can also go for the edgy yet popular green military bomber jackets that are definitely in trend right now. Apply a hint of red lipstick, throw on some accessories and you are ready to flaunt a casual outfit paired with your white pants or jeans.


5.     A hint of Brown

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If you are not into bold coloured pieces to enhance your white pants, go for some earthy hues such as brown by matching your white pants with an earth tone brown top or handbag, for example. It will be more simply modest yet stylish and makes you appear a bit mature.


6.     The Power of Plain or Bold Tops

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Another simple way you can pull your white pants with style is to match it with a plain top. Whether you decide a simple black or a striking coloured top, it will never make you look out of style. Flaunt the simple look anywhere and top it off with nice high heels, clutch bag or even a scarf.

Here are some tips from the famous Jeannie Mai down here.


So what is yoru favourite fashion tip in matching your white pants? Leave it in your comment section below.