How to Pull a Day to Night Look in Hot Weather

It cannot be denied that living in Asia’s hot climate country can be pretty difficult as you want to be stylish and practical at the same time. Since wearing light weight clothes are what we prefer, there are ways on how to pull that day to night look with ease. Whether you are going for a girl’s night out or have a dinner date after work, you definitely need a quick fix me up because running back home for a change of clothes in the horrible traffic nad crowded subways is the last thing you would want to do. So let’s check out some easy fashion tips on how to turn what you have on but still maintaining that chic sexy persona.

1.    The Power of Outerwear

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It does not matter if you have a blouse or shirt on, outerwears like jackets and cardigans definitely can help transform your look. Throw it on and you are ready to enjoy a night out in town. Besides that, another fashion tip you can achieve that day to night look is by wearing a maxi dress.

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 It is breezy for the hot weather during the day and perfect to be worn during the night. Choose maxi dresses with plain designs for that effortless look or go for prints and florals to get that feminine touch. If you want a sexy look, bodycon dresses are also great for that day to night switch.


2.    Switch Your Shoes Up

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Do you think it is a fuss to change your clothes? Fret not as you can get that perfect day to night look by switching your footwear. High heels and boots will always give you that sophisticated touch and perfect for a night out. Whether you have jeans or a dress on, your high heels or boots will definitely transform your whole outfit.


3.    Splash On Some Colour

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This is the most important thing you can do to achieve that great night look shift. Do your face with some makeup! You can change the colour of your eyeshadow and change your lipstick shade. Go for a nude, coral or light pink lip shade during the day for a sweet natural appearance. When you are getting ready for a night out or have to attend an event after work, go for lipstick colours such as red, plum or hot pink. These lipstick shades will definitely bring out your sexy side and draw other’s attention towards your face than what you are wearing. Easy peasy!


Check out some fashion tips from Jeannie Mai below.


Try out these simple fashion tricks and you will absolutely achieve that on point day to night look with ease. What other ways do you think can help? Share it in the comment section below.