Ingredients of a Successful and Fulfilling Relationship

Being in a relationship is not as easy as it looks and to maintain one for the long run has its own challenges. When you commit to someone, you want to give your full heart and have certain expectations from your partner as well as the relationship. You want to be understood, respected and loved but there are also other main ingredients that make a relationship successful and long lasting. Check them out below.

1.    Honesty


Honesty is essential in any relationship as without it, you will be caught up in lies which could be disastrous. If you really love one another, honesty should come naturally as you do not want your relationship to be based on lies. It is very unhealthy if you do. Honesty leads to trust and can be very beneficial for your relationship as no one can tear you both apart easily. Do remember that not everyone will be thrilled with your happiness and waiting to destroy it so honesty is what makes the bond of both of you stronger.


2.    Affection


Yes, you love each other very much and showing affection definitely helps bring those butterfly feelings up in your heart. If you really look at couples who are truly in love with one another, they never lack showing their affection from kisses to hugs to joking around. Saying ‘I love you’ everyday also makes a huge difference in your relationship.


3.    Space


Okay it cannot be denied that everyone needs their own personal ‘me’ time as it keeps us sane to live another day. And this also includes when you are in a relationship. Of course being lovey-dovey and clingy everyday makes you happy but there are times where you just need some space. For the ladies, going out shopping for a new dress with their girlfriends or gossiping session definitely is as important as a guy’s night out with his home boys. Happy couples respect one another and giving each other space is never seen as a problem. It just helps them to miss each other more and reconnect with stronger feelings.


4.    Loyalty


There will be a lot of people that will want to mess up your happiness and say bad things about your partner. As long as you remain loyal and respect one another, no one can tear you guys apart. This is where honesty and trust comes to light. It is all intertwined into the whole relationship deal.


5.    Unconditional Love


You ask yourself how there are couple who seem so in love with one another? It is not impossible as these couple love unconditionally. No matter how bad or good things happened, the couples will never judge as their love beats them all. This is what it means in wedding vows to love for better or for worst.


So how do you keep your relationship alive and withstand the challenges? Please share it with us down below as we would love to know.