Making The Most of Your Morning Commute

Inspired by recent train rides travelling to our beloved capital city, here are several ways on how to make the most of our daily commute, be it for any train ride you take to any destination.

1. Plan Ahead


For people who only occasionally travel by train (commuter, LRT, MRT and the likes) this is a good idea. Knowing your station, route, ticket price, and if applicable, which train line to switch to, will save you a lot of time if you find out before you head to the station. Since everything now is online, getting the details you need is so easy. Plus making sure you have enough spare change or a 'touch and go' card would also be of great help!


2. Read

reading on train.jpg

A majority of passengers choose to doze off for a few minutes or for some seasoned travellers, sleep till it's time to get off at their destination (amazing skill!).  Sure, you wanna catch up on some shut eye before starting work but we recommend you bring a book or any reading material instead and enjoy the few minutes of `alone time'. You'll be able to finish a few pages if you're lucky enough to get a seat. Or simply just learn how to read standing up!


3. Observe, Reflect and Relax

fashion train.jpg

It can't be denied that standing or sitting in the train can be uneventful but it doesn't have to be if you're willing to take in your surroundings. There's a lot to learn if you just sit quietly and observe the people around you. Who knows, you might pick up some interesting fashion sense or work wear that you can imitate later. Not only that, if you take a look outside the window you can enjoy the scenery and even spot areas you never knew existed since they can only be seen from the railway tracks. Creative juices could even flow on your short or long trip to work. Some people (this writer) even get inspiration to write an article (like this) after several train rides!


4. The Power of Music

music train.jpg

If any of these don't tickle your fancy, just spend a few minutes meditating and channeling some inner peace before you kick off your day at work. Soothing music could help or if you prefer rock just make sure your music isn't too loud for people around to hear through your earphones.


5. Update

handphone 2.jpg

I don't know about you but some people find it hard on a daily basis to keep up with social media or even read long forwarded messages people send on whatsapp. So what can you do when you're on the train? Read those long messages, watch that video someone sent, reply a message you read the night before or simply scroll away on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. All so that you won't end up doing it at your workplace :)


6. Exercise

walking 4.jpg

I don't mean on the train. But more from walking from the station to your destination. This may not apply to everyone but am sure many of us who take the train do some form of walking. So why not take the opportunity to exercise a bit and walk briskly to beat that punch clock or just to break a sweat. A five minute brisk walk will get your heart beating a little faster and may even wake you up from feeling so meh in the morning. But of course in order to do all this, invest in some good comfortable walking shoes first.



At the end of the day the choice is all yours. These suggestions are just possible ways to jazz up a little bit of a mundane routine. So are you a train commuter? What do you do on your journey? Feel free to give us some tips or advice down below.