Man Crush September Issue: Up Close & Personal with Asrul Hazimin

A segment that all of the ladies love, here we bring to you our September man crush, Asrul Hazimin. Working in the oil and gas industry, Asrul never fails to sneak in time for his fitness routine. Determine and focused on his life goals, he definitely was the perfect choice for this month’s pick. Want to get to know more about this charming gentleman? Let’s get up close and personal with him!

1.    Give us a little insight of what you do.

I design, calculate, analyse, troubleshoot and provide solutions. These are the things I do day in day out as a mechanical engineer in the Oil and Gas industry


2.    Describe to us your personality in three simple words.

Non-conformist… (see? I told you)


3.    Describe your sense of style.

I have no specific style of preference but I dress to the occasion. All the way. If the occasion requires malay national costume, I’ll make sure I wear a complete baju melayu complete with sampin and button depending whether it is cekak musang style or teluk belanga.  If the occasion requires Mickey Mouse costume, I’ll make sure I even wear Mickey’s ears and tails as well.


4.    Sneakers? Loafers? Sandals?

Sneakers. Unexpectedly I might stumble into a gym anytime.


5.    It looks like you are into fitness and health. How do you maintain a great figure? Share with us your fitness routine.

I always hit the gym early, as early as 6:30am. Everyday. That’s when my mind is uncluttered; low in blood sugar and in need to start the day with a bang. I spend about 30 to 40 minutes of intense weight training. Take shower and then off to work. That’s all I do as far burning all my muscle tissues and release all the good hormones.


asrul fitness.png

6.    Everyone does not know how hard it is to be discipline in following a fitness routine. Tell us what the challenges you face throughout your journey are.

Honestly, the struggle was only on the first 2 months of my fitness journey, which was 15 years ago. That was the period where there was a constant battle within myself on the choice of whether to play X-Box or lift some dumbbells. Eventually, the workout routine engrained in me and it became a habit that I would feel bad if I give it a skip.


7.    If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Anything curry. Indian Curry, Malay Curry, Chinese Curry or Japanese Curry, any curry will do


8.    Name us your most treasured possession.

I train myself not to be too possessive with any material, but if there is one thing, it has to by my 1 TB of external hard drive. It contains simply all my life experiences relating to life and career. And yeah, the drive is encrypted complete with password.


asrul son.png

9.    Is it seen through your Instagram that you have a son, what is one thing about fatherhood that you enjoy the most?

To have a little being who sees you as his everything - his hero, his hope, his friend, his teacher, his Google and his wrestling partner – that is priceless. And kids they hardly have any negativity towards others. That is something I learned from my son and inspired me to become a positive person.


10.    Name three qualities that the girl of your dreams should have.

Confident, fashionable and articulate

asrul hobby.png

1.    We all know that everyone has at least a hobby they are fixated to. Tell us what your hobby is and why you love it so much?

Building plastic models – to be exact Gundam plastic models or Gunpla for short. I am a very passionate mechanical engineer. But there is no aesthetic value required in my engineering design.


Hence, with gunplay, it allows me to impose the aesthetic aspect that I yearning for and to top that up, it allows me to combine with another hobby of mine – Photography. A complete gunplay project, is eventually become my muse for photoshoots.


1.    Name one superhero character you can identify with.

asrul superman.png

 Tall muscular frame, with side-sweeping hair and a pair of glasses.., I guess it is just too easy for people around me to call me Superman. Somehow recently during a cosplay event, I donned a complete Thor outfit and now I have people calling me Malaysian Thor


13.    If you wake up one day and gained one superpower, what would you wished it to be?

Lightning speed movement a la Quicksilver in X-men. Since 24 hours a day has never been enough for me, wish I could triple that up.


14.    What is one embarrassing moment that happened in life while growing up?

I was walking in public without realizing the rear of my pants gave way pretty big. And I was not wearing anything underneath. I was feeling airy down there but did not notice anything until a man tapped me on shoulder and gave me a gesture that something just “blown” on my posterior. I put my hand on the spot and i can’t really recall what happened next. I was 17 and it happened abroad.


15.    Every man should know how to……

Cook… curry


16.    If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Tokyo. Been there so many times and still can’t have enough of it. Must be the udon.


17.    If you could be best friends with one celebrity from Hollywood, who would it be?

Will Farrell. His cockiness and over-confidence crack me up.


18.    Who is your celebrity crush?

Kate Beckinsale and Rosamund Pike. There is something about their swooning strong facial features


19.    If you are stranded on an island, name three things you want to have with you.

A pot, a knife and an extremely large container of curry powder.


20.    What is the best piece of advice someone has given you?

If you do something, don’t settle for mediocrity. Go all the way and do it impressively. That was from my late father.


Hope you love our man crush for this month’s issue. Follow him on Instagram @hazimin to get day-to-day scoops. Who would you want for our next month’s issue? Please leave your idea in the comment section below.