The Secret Trick For Brows on Fleek

Everyone is obsessed with their eyebrows and having gorgeous brows has become popular by the day. In fact, having a pair of good eyebrows makes a difference in your overall look, and the arches play the most important role in changing your facial feature. Your eyebrows should never take a lot of time to shape and look on fleek. Here are some tricks to have eyebrows that can make people go WOW.


Trick #1: Always start with brushing your brows up with a spoolie.

Some spoolie can be very hard to the skin. Make sure to choose spoolie that is soft to   your eyebrows and does not irritate the skin when brushing or you can soak the spoolie into warm water for 5 minutes to soften the brush before using it. Start at the bottom of  your brows and brush it in an upward motion following the curve and direction of your brows.

Trick #2: Make a line to lower and upper brows arches.

Eyebrow pencil or gel is your best friend especially when you are unhappy with the thickness and shape of your brows. Besides, brow pencil or gel can give your brows a different subtle look. Just start drawing the upper brow arch and drag it down to the outer corner. From the upper arch, draw the line to the inner corner, in line with the outer nose. Repeat the same process when drawing the line to the lower brow arch. The upper brow line should be shorter than the lower part if you want to make it look natural. Don’t worry  to make mistakes because you can use concealer to make your lines look perfect.

Try: MEMEBOX I'm Eyebrow Pencil - Dark Grey, Benefit Ka-Brow! Eyebrow Cream-Gel Color - Shade 05 (Deep)

Trick #3: Fill in the sparse areas with short strokes

You can still use brow pencil or gel to fill in the sparse area. But, if you’re not comfortable using either pencil or gel, then you can use powder instead. Pencil and gel are good for a defined  look,  while  powder  will  make  the  brows  look  more  natural.  Start with a darker shade for the outer corner and lighter shade for the inner corner of your eyes. Never use black to shade your brows; use dark grey or brown shades. The general rule of thumb is to choose shade that is one shade lighter than your hair colour.  You don’t want to look like the Shin-Chan kid.

Try: Maybelline Fashion Brow 3D Contouring Palette Brown, L'oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit Dark, Sleek Makeup Brow Kit - Medium 821.

Trick #4: Blend! Blend! Blend!

Always remember to blend everything using a spoolie or small angled brush. Start at the bottom of your brows and apply it in an upward motion following the curve of your brows. Diffuse any harsh lines to make your brows look natural, not overdone or severe.

Trick #5: Apply clear eyebrow gel to hold brows in place.

You can use brow pomade or gel to keep your brows in place as well as enhance them to look natural and more structured.

Good luck, girls! May your brows be on fleek with this trick.

What are your thoughts on this article? What’s your favourite brow tool? Let us know in the comments section below!