Tips How To Be Stylish Yet Simple?

Hello, peeps! Yeah, we meet again. So, this time let's talk about being stylish yet simple. We know that everyone wants to look stylish, presentable and fashionable but they always think that being stylish is that they need to be "extra" when it comes to dressing up. NO NO NO! They are totally wrong. Being stylish doesn't mean you need to dress up like Lady Gaga or Jeffree Star as there are easy ways you can be stylish effortlessly. Here are some tips that you can apply every time you want to pull an outfit off. 

1. Keep it simple

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The tip is all about looking like you put in no effort into your look so keep your outfits simple with easy fashion pieces.  Choose any outfit that you girls feel comfortable wearing like skinny jeans with a basic plain shirt and boots. Yup, with a pair of boots your outfit will totally make a big change. Your choice of footwear definitely plays a role to enhance your plain looking outfit.


2. Choose a basic or neutral color

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Basic color sounds kinda boring but this is the fact. Just stick to basics color such as black, white or nudes so that everything in your wardrobe will go together and easier to mix and match it. This way you can get dressed in only 5 minutes and voila! You look gorgeous from head-to-toe.


3. Wear minimal makeup

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By wearing a minimal hint of makeup, your face will totally look much fresher. Just put a little bit of lipstick and blusher on and there you go! Minimal makeup definitely helps make you appear stunning with whatever you have on. Oh, do you girls know that lipstick also can be turned into as a blusher too? Yes 2-in-1. Try it and it will totally change your whole life. Easy peasy. .


4. Accessorize with watches


Why watches? Because it is the only accessories that we need in every outfit that we wear. People may think that watches is just a gadget for you to tell the time but, nowadays we have a variety of watch designs that we can match with every piece of our outfits and don't be surprised on how it adds some spice to your appearance.


So, what do you girls waiting for? Try this tips and let me know by comment down below whether this tips may help you girls in changing your style. Thank you for reading.