Tips on How to Be Insta-Famous



Have you ever heard the word Insta-famous?  Millions of people are using Instagram as their social platform and you should be one of them too. Insta-famous is a person who receives a lot of likes from others on their posts and gaining a mass amount of followers on Instagram. They work as a social influencer and use their popularity on Instagram to collaborate with big brands. Looking at the benefits of being someone who is Insta-famous, it makes sense for you to be one of them.

So how to be Insta-famous?

1.    Choose a theme and a catchy name



Are you a food hunter? Or are you a beauty blogger or a lifestyle guru? Choose a theme for your Instagram and post images within theme. Create a nickname which is easy to be recognized and reflects your personality. Besides that, finding a name that reflects your theme or own self attract people who have the same interest with you.

2.    Filters and other photo editing apps with creative captions and using the right hashtags #

Use filters and other photo editing apps to turn your photos and videos into a great piece. You can also attract others with creative captions and the right hashtags. Some people are looking for certain kind of photos from fashion ootd shots, travel spots and more to find new users to follow by using hashtags.

3.    Share your Instagram stories for daily updates

kaboompics_Young woman holding the white mobile phone.jpg

Sharing your moments daily to show your followers you are an active user and get scoops of your life with ease. People love to see some personal real postings such as daily habits and status updates.

3.    Being friendly and approachable on Instagram

To be an Insta-famous individual, you need to interact with others by following other users and leaving some positive comments. Geotagging, friends tagging and starting a conversation by using captions with a question mark may increase engagement with your audience too. You should also respond to comments and DMs from your audience. People will start to adore you for being friendly towards them.

4.    Link your Instagram with other social accounts


Don’t forget to link your Instagram and share your photos in other social accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. By sharing your Instagram posts on other platforms, people will get a chance to follow your Instagram to get an instant updates. There should be a lot of followers you can gain from there.

Already an Insta-famous person? Mind to share your very own tips? Leave some comments down there ❤