Ultimate Tips on How to Excel In Any Job Interview


Admit it, for both hiring managers and candidates that the crucial part of hiring is the interview.  Impressive resumes may have made you get selected from thousands of other applicants during screening and secured you an interview session.  Now it is down to your knowledge, soft skills and personality that will be the determining factor whether you will be hired.

Tips such as choosing the right attire, homework that needs to be done, studying the company background, be physically and mentally prepared and have good manner in answering the interview questions.  Read the elaboration on why each tips are  important to help you land your dream job.

1.   Dress appropriately for the job interview


Choosing the right and appropriate clothing for the job interview is essential.  Wearing appropriate attire to a job interview reflects your professionalism.  While round neck and faded jeans are big NOs, there are other criteria to be considered as well.  This includes the no striking colour, classic cutting for shirt, skirts and pants, simple hairdo for woman and man and minimal accessories and make up.

Every company has a different dress code. However for a candidate who is attending a job interview is do not take shortcuts, put some effort to look clean and presentable because the right attire can give a good first impression. Good first impression?  It goes a long way.

2.   Do your homework about the job interview


Use the 5W1H questions to gather as much information as possible about the interview.  Example like where the interview will be conducted, who are the panel of interviewers, what you need to bring to the interview, whenthe interview is taking place, why the company wants to interview you,  how the interview is going to be conducted and others.

If you are required to go to the office or headquarters for the job interview, study the route that you need to take at least a day before especially if you are unfamiliar with the location.  Get to know where to park your vehicle if you are driving or if you are using the public transport, get to know which pit stop should you choose and if there is other modes of travel available, i.e buses or taxi that can take you straight to the place.

3.   Study the company background


A company is not only looking to find the right candidate for a job, but they also wants someone who can bring added values to the company. Often candidates are able to explain what they can get from working with the company but when asked what they can give to the company in return, candidates went silent.  Why?

To be able to answer such question, you need to have an idea about the company and their culture. Get to know who the CEO, history and milestone of the company, any achievements or awards, what they do, who are the clients, the products or services offered and others.  This knowledge won’t only make you better understand about the company direction and whether you can align to that but to show you are serious about securing the job in your hands. 

4.   Be physically and mentally prepared


Not to neglect your state of health.  Similar when preparing for exams, your health is the utmost important.  Do not stress yourself too much on that matter and keep yourself focus to perform well on the big day.  For some people, it helps that they do a rehearsal with someone before the interview just to get a feel of how interview is conducted.  This way, their anxiety level can be managed better and feel more calmed during the actual day.

If you think you messed up halfway, do not panic.  Just proceed until the interview is done.

5.   Confident Is Key, Good Manner Is Important


The ultimate tip to excel in a job interview is to be confident.  Answer each question with confidence and be firm yet approachable.  Hiring manager prefers to hire a candidate who is confident with him or herself.  This is because it will later reflect when a person is already on the job. 

In channelling confidence, pay extra careful not to show any arrogance or aggressive behaviour.  Remain cool and calm throughout the interview process.  Lastly, be polite in offering opinions and suggestions when asked and show respect to the interviewer.

Any tips you would like to add? Or you want to share your funny interview moments?.  Let us know in the comment section below.