Vacations That Every Girls with Fears of Flying Can Enjoy

Are you thinking of planning a nice vacation for this upcoming long holiday? If you are, you do not need to be jetting off a plane to enjoy one as there are many vacation ideas especially for the girls who have fears of flying. Not only that, there are times where we are just in desperate need of a vacation but cannot afford to fly to an exotic place. No worries as there are some exciting no fly vacation ideas that you can experience while having the time of your life.

1.    Camping & Caravanning Style


Reconnect with your loved ones by spending some adventure with camping or caravanning style. You can feel more close to nature and if you have kids, the kids will love it! There are plenty camping sites available these days where you set a tent or hammocks to fully experience the outdoors. Do research on the best camping sites near your places and plan your nature vacation.


 2.    City Break


It is not weird if you just spend the time off by roaming around your own city. Enjoy that city break by going to the city park, shopping, cafes, clubs and other spots in your own city that you haven’t got the chance to visit. Experience the bright night lights and have some fun. You can do this by walking or driving around town. Wear your favourite casual dress or comfortable jeans and tee to spend your time off in the most relaxing way.


3.    Theme Park Fun


It does not matter what your age is, spending your vacation at theme parks will always bring you happiness. Enjoy the relaxing casual setting, go on rides and take photos of all the fun you had to update on your social media. You can spend a whole day from morning to night in theme parks and never get bored.


4.    Island Peace


Island vacation is one of the best places to spend your long holiday while escaping from the hectic city life. You can sunbathe under the sun, build sand castles, go for a dip and play the amazing beach activities with your family or friends while enjoying the fresh ocean breeze. You will definitely forget all the stress and worries you’ve been having.


So what are your vacation plans for this long weekend? Share it with us in the comment section below.