Ways to Cut Down Monthly Expenses

Most of the items now are becoming more expensive as the price keeps on increasing year by year, or month by month. Our salary is no longer enough to spend on all the debts, bills and monthly expenses. We shall learn how to cut down our monthly expenses in order for us to save money for future. There are quiet a lot unnecessary expenses in our daily life that we get cut off to save some cash. Look at them down below. 

1. Off all the unnecessary lights or electrical at home


Are there any electrical devices around the house that stay plugged in, but that you rarely use? Most electronic devices constantly draw a small amount of electricity. Use fan instead of air conditioner whenever the weather is cold enough. Open all the windows to have natural air in your home. Wash your clothes once in few days instead of washing a little load of clothes but consumed a full load electricity.


2. Use energy saving bulbs at home

Change the light bulbs to energy saving bulbs. Off the lights whenever not in use. This will definitely help you in the long run.


3. Cancel clubs membership


Cancel the membership of clubs that you rarely go such as your gym membership to save your cash. You can exercise for free by jogging nearby your neighbourhood or do some home workout. 


4. Cook at home / Pack food from home

Prepare your lunch at home instead of having your meals at restaurants or cafes. Cook at home more often instead of eating out. It may be more saving for a working person as the cost of having meals outside are much higher, this included parking fee, service charges and gst etc.


5. Buy with coupon / during sales


Buy your groceries whenever there are sales or promotion at the supermarket. Check on newspaper more often for their sales announcement. Cut out coupons when there is any and you can sort them on the things you need for your home. This can save a lot of money using your coupons on your grocery spree.


6. Plant your own vegetables


Start planting our own vegetables instead of buying one. Country style? Who cares? More healthier and more cost saving. Save every penny you have and growing your own vegetables or even fruits is a win-win situation.


7. Recycle


Instead of buying a new cabinet, why not build them ourselves. DIY any design you want. DIY it your own self as it will not require you to pay labour fee, service fee or even transportation fee. Although you will get your hands dirty but it never beats the satisfaction you gin from it once it is done. 


8. Reduce unhealthy habits


We all know that smoking got no benefits. It’s only wasting your money and unhealthy to your body. Stop smoking and alcohol. Have a healthy lifestyle and save those few bucks from buying those cigarettes. 


Any better idea to save? Do share you tips in the comment box below.