Women and Office Politics, Time to Straighten Things Out

Women and glass ceiling are among the commonly discussed topics because it is apparent in our society. With other concurrent roles that women play, it will definitely give effect on their performance at work. Face it, even motherhood has its detailed set of duties like chauffeuring, cooking, paying bills and doing the laundry, it sure does perturb their focus at office.

Now that female employees are mostly spreading out too thin, it’s vital to get ourselves some comforting advices about how to balance our work and personal life. Speaking of which, I’d love to emphasise on work department because it takes so much from us five days a week.

Ladies, remember that office politics are inevitable. In void of it may be possible but you still need politics to set a strong foundation of your position in the organisation because otherwise, you might be cloaked in your own inferiority. So here’s my take about women and politics at work.

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  1. Focus on your work, get them done before anything else. You could spare some time to chat with the tea lady at the pantry but at the end of the day, it’s the work that your superior sees. That being said, remember to build rapport with your colleagues from different “groups” too. Oh you know, the aunties, the interns, the newbies, the single ladies and the Mom Club that meets up during lunch hour or even at the prayer room to express breast milk. This is essentially important in times of difficult because you get help from them people in different teams and departments.  They already know you by heart, so a little favour on work stuff won’t hurt.
  2. If others begin to feel intimidated by your performance and the way you get treated by boss because you’re simply good at your job, let them be. You know how sincere and committed you are to your work. So place your job at the centre of your attention because this is where your trustworthiness is based upon.
  3. Yes, yes. You can’t keep away from feeling disturbed by those you stabbed you at the back. Nevertheless, remember to hold a cool face especially in their presence because that resembles how calm who are in the inside and that you remain steadfast despite the drama that happened.
  4. If they say that you don’t deserve a promotion and that they worry you don't fit the position because you have a baby at home, prove them wrong. Instead of lamenting your serendipity, why don’t you set your performance as the focal point? Build healthy relationships with your superior and indirectly show that you are capable of taking up the challenges.
  5. Even if your boss says nothing about you, remember that they watch you from far. Bosses will always notice the early birds and the night owls, the ones to first submit their reports with minimised errors and those who slack off every one hour. The key here is to be honest to yourself, do what your job entails and leave the rest for your boss to decide. Even if they didn’t see the good side of you, remember point number 1 and 2. Also, don’t underestimate the power of the tea lady and their abilities to share secrets with your boss!

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There you have it, some points on curbing class prejudice at workplace. Office politics is normal and you have to handle them well if you want to reach your career goals. Learn to make use of it the positive ways without having to jeopardise others because what is more important is to disperse those who abuse it. So stand tall in your perfect workwear outfit and do your thing!

Anyway, do you have stories on office politics to share with us? Remember to drop them in the comment section below!