3 Major Problems Only Students Can Relate

Being a student is not easy as expected. Living in a dependent life, far from the family is really quiet tough. Especially to those who experienced the university’s life for the first time. Here are some of students dilemma as a college students. 

1. Money


This is one of the major problems among students especially in Malaysia. As most of us come from a middle income family, we need to survive with a limited money every month. Sometimes we need to plan our expenses for every week to make sure we are smart in spending our money.

Although many of us had applied for student loans, sometimes it will never be enough as we need to pay for student fees per semester, book expenses, transportation, accommodations, food expenses and many more. But for students who had got a sponsorship or scholarship for their studies, they are quiet lucky because it will ease the burden of study expenses.

They are some issues that many students cannot afford to eat and some of them have to divide a packet of instant noodle just to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes, it is very shocking and unacceptable but it is the reality. Living a life as a student is quiet challenging.


2. Assignments, Quizzes, Tutorials, Lectures


Life as a student is not limited to just studying. If we have leisure time, we can fill it with many beneficial hobbies like playing futsal, riding a bicycle, reading extras books, blogging, buy a new dress or work as a part-timers. But there must be at least a week in a semester that will be full with lectures, assignment, tutorials, quizzes, test, project and so on. It is a very hectic week and you can even forget to take a meal in a day! At this point, if you are an expert in managing your time, everything would be fine.


3. Love Dramas


As we are growing up, being a teenager and then turning into an adult, it is a normal thing to fall in love. But it should not be messing it with your studies. Many students nowadays have been dragged into love issues until it affects their pointer. As a student, we should realize that all of us have a very big commitment as a student and should try to separate personal matters of the heart with studies . But again, it is a reality that cannot be denied. 


Life is really tough and would be more challenged as we are getting older. But life is a journey, we have to face it no matter what. Living with problems faced as a student is less challenging if we only have one commitment to be focused on which is is our studies but that is definitely not the case.  Take these small challenges as a training before we step into the working life as it will be more tough and filled with a lot of commitments to be carried.

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