5 Style Items to Refresh Your Work Wardrobe

The truth is that it can be pretty difficult to figure out the best way to to keep your office outfits inspiring. So how do you give a new breathe of life to your wardrobe selection and feel confident stepping in the office everyday? For starters, try to focus on pieces that have statement designs and sleek silhouette cutting. Instead of reaching for your usual sweater or blouse from your clothing rack, try to play with these amazing pieces and still maintain that professional career women look.

1.    Statement Stilettos

New York str F16 083.jpg

No one can deny the power of stiletto heels in boosting up a woman’s confidence. Stand tall with the perfect eye catching footwear and it will definitely enhance your whole simple outfit. Switch from the classic black or nude high heels and go for statement designs such as a sleek gold one or strappy heels.


2.    The Pantsuit

New York str S18 041c.jpg

You can never go wrong with a nice pantsuit as it gives you that clean sophisticated look. Choose monochrome colours such as black or white and even be bold with a red pantsuit. Wear this look when you want to impress a client or attend an important meeting as it definitely brings that poise elegant vibe to others.


3.    Turtlenecks

New York str S18 166.jpg

Who says turtlenecks are to be worn during the rainy season? Add this fashion staple into your office outfit selections and pair it with a nice pair of bell bottom pants. Hey the air conditioning in your office is cold and there is nothing wrong in flaunting that turtleneck at the office.


4.    Choker Top

New York str S18 104.jpg

Show off the elegance within you by wearing a choker neck top with your work pants. Any woman will look stunning and demure in the stylish choker neck top. Do take note to not wear any necklace with your choker top as it will diminish the purpose of its beauty.


5.    Ruffle Sleeves

New York str S18 1017.jpg

Upgrade your blouse game by going for the ruffled sleeve tops and be the center of everyone’s attention. There are many designs of ruffle sleeve tops you can choose from to match with your jeans or work pants. Find the one which represents your personal style and walk out feeling confident and fashionable as ever.


So which piece from the list that you adore the most? Share it in the comment section below.