9 Simple Ways to Appreciate Your Life


Nowadays, we tend to let ourselves drown with confusion, stress and our hectic schedules which often make us forget to appreciate life. No matter how difficult everyday living may be sometimes, we should always remember to express our gratitude. So how can one start live with more gratitude in life? Well, if you earnestly want to start adapting a sense of appreciation for your life, try these simple ways below.


1. Always get out of bed with a good positive mood.

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Remember that every single day is a gift. There’s no reason for you to be grumpy and grouchy. Always look for something fun that will make your day. With this attitude, nothing will get in your way.


2. Enjoy the little things.

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Yes, the little things that happen to you. For instance, a good hair day, a perfect fitted dress, listening to your favourite song and having fresh clothes after laundry. It is often said that you need to enjoy and cherish the little things around you. This is because there might come a day that you may look back and realize it gives you happiness. 


3. Take notice of nature.


Take a moment to stop and appreciate everyday nature that is right in front of you.  Give yourself a few moments to simply smell the flowers, enjoying the sunrise (or sunset) and adoring the beauty of your neighbour’s garden. These tiny moments in life which are often being overlooked could bring positive impacts to you. You get to boost your mood and of course increase your happiness.


4. Read positive articles or stories.

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Make an attempt to read inspirational stories of other people. You can opt for bibliographies, motivational articles or uplifting short stories. These will give you motivation to live your live and at the same time help to put away your everyday worries.


5. Smile.


Just smile at others – friends, co-workers and new people that you meet. There’s a magic in your smile that could spark some happiness to those who are having a bad day. Witness with your own eyes the difference that you make. They may not smile back at you but who knows what the other person might be feeling inside.


6. Give a hug.


Spread more love. Hug your loved ones. A bear hug to your spouse, parents, family members and friends would definitely cheer them up.


7.    Thank someone for what they are doing.


Make it a habit to thank people around you. Express your appreciation towards them sincerely without expecting anything in return. Truly appreciate these people as they are a part of your life.


8.    Indulge in a hobby.


Take up an interesting hobby to occupy your time. Choose something that suits you. It will make you feel relaxed and leave your stress behind. 



9.    List the things you are most grateful for each day before you sleep.

Count your blessings. Be thankful for every single thing that happened to you on that particular day. For your kins and friends who are always there for you. For having a roof over your head and enough food to eat. Keep a journal of everything you're grateful for if you need to.


Overall, you just have to bear in mind that the key to lead a happy and content life is by learning to appreciate the life you now have. You will have more control over yourself plus have the chance to cope better when things get tough. Apart from the list above, there are many other ways to appreciate your life. Do you have anything to add? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box below.